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Losing and Regaining 100 Pounds—Twice—Taught Me to Love My Body

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I'm Not Body Positive or Negative—I'm Just Me

I'm a size 2-4-6-8ish, of average height and weight, and my body's just...there.

J.Lo Dramatically Reading "Baby Got Back" Is the Body Positive PSA We Didn't Know We Needed

"'Cause your waist is small and your curves are kickin' and I'm thinkin' bout stickin'."

Is the Body Positive Movement All Talk?

Spoiler alert: No! But we still have some work to do.

These Women Show Why the #LoveMyShape Movement Is So Freakin' Empowering

Because feeling strong, healthy, and confident is for everyone.

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Let's Stop Judging Other Women's Bodies

Apparently we do it a lot, according to a new study

How Fear of Rejection Makes You Gain Weight

Overweight women who are afraid of being rejected by others are less likely to make healthy choices

What "Going Paleo" Did to My Body

"Paleo seemed like the answer to my prayers."

Why Was Lane Bryant's Body-Positive Ad Featuring Ashley Graham Rejected By TV Networks?

We're all about the brand's new #ThisBody commercial. Apparently, network execs aren't.

Star Wars Actress Daisy Ridley Will Not Stand for Skinny Shaming

After an Instagram meme skinny-shamed the "Star Wars" actress and called her out for setting unrealistic body goals, she came back with this epic response.

Banning Pro-Eating Disorder Words On Instagram Doesn't Work

The speech restrictions actually make things worse.

Lena Dunham Will Not Let You Retouch Her Stomach Rolls or Dimpled Thighs

The actress wants to be able to pick her own thigh out of a lineup, thankyouverymuch.

Amazing Women Who Prove Every Body Is a Runner's Body

Necessary qualities for a runner's body: a body that can run