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Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Don't Have Knees in New Photoshop Fail

Once you spot it, you won't be able to unsee it.

This Artist's Dress Shows the Cruel (and Positive) Things People Say About Body Image

JoJo Oldham wanted to share her journey of self-acceptance while emphasizing the power words have on us.

Gigi Hadid Is the New Badass Face of Reebok's #PerfectNever Campaign

Just watch her throw a punch—your jaw will drop

This is What Happens When Your Nude Photo Goes Viral

It's incredible to think that one woman's photo could impact so many people.

Fearless Teen Survives Acid Attack, Goes On to Own the Runway at New York Fashion Week

“I want to tell the world—do not see us in a weak light."

H&M Debuts Its Most Inclusive Collection Yet in Powerful New Video

We can't get enough of this, and we won't settle.

This Fitness Couple Gained 60 Pounds to Sympathize With People Struggling to Lose Weight

"We wanted to get back in the trenches with our followers and live it up with them."

These Diverse Models Are Proof Fashion Photography Can Be Unretouched Glory

"As a consumer, you deserve to look at a fashion image and see yourself represented, not just a row of skinny Caucasian girls, but a variety of sizes and colors."

Blogger Unknowingly Body Shames Herself and Shares the Comical Photo to Prove it

Sometimes size really does matter (but maybe not in the way you think it does).

Nike's New Campaign is the Perfect Cure to Our Olympics Withdrawals

Beyoncé called it years ago, girls really do run the world.

Olympians Prove That Athletes Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Olympians are physical proof that athletes come in all shapes and sizes.

Your Fave Fitness Celebs Get Real About Why They Love Their Bodies

Body-love #goals from Julianne Hough, the Tone It Up girls, and Jen Widerstrom

This Woman Responded to Body Shamers In the Classiest Way Possible

"In response to your comments, I send back some love."

JoJo Reveals Her Record Label Forced Her to Lose Weight

"It was the most unhealthy thing I've ever done."

Nike's New Sports Bras Are Causing Quite a Commotion

Hint: It's not because of the bras themselves.