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Instagram Is the Worst Social Media Platform for Your Mental Health

fb-instagram-mental-health-study.jpgA fit-fluencer's six-pack. Double tap. Scroll. A happy vacay beach selfie. Double tap. Scroll. A fab-looking birthday party with everyone dressed to the nines. Double tap. Scroll.

Your current status? Old bathrobe, feet up on the couch, no makeup, yesterday's hair—and no filter is going to make it look otherwise.

A Man Died After Eating Nacho Cheese Sauce from a Gas Station

Nacho-Cheese-Sauce-FB.jpgA rare outbreak of botulism—a serious food-borne illness—has killed a 37-year-old man from Northern California and hospitalized nine others. Everyone affected became ill after eating nacho cheese sauce from a gas station in Walnut Grove, California.