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If You Think You're Doomed When It Comes to Cancer Risk, Eat More Kale

The results from a new study seem promising for those who lead a healthy life.

Coffee Can Lower Your Risk for This Type of Cancer

Java isn't just good to get you going in the morning—a new study suggests it can benefit your bod in a whole other way.

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Research says getting hitched can make a big impact.

How to Decipher Your Abnormal Pap Smear Results

We break down what your pap and HPV test results really mean because, yes, they're confusing as hell

Can Baby Powder Really Give You Ovarian Cancer?

Johnson & Johnson has to pay damages to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer after using their products for 35 years

Scientists Can Now Identify Cancer with Just One Drop of Blood

The new test may help bump cancer from its spot as the number two killer in America.

Is Tomato Juice the New Red Wine?

Health boons without the buzz?

Bacon, Ham, and Other Processed Meats Are Carcinogenic, WHO Announces

The World Health Organization says it's time to add bacon, sausage, and hot dogs to list of things that cause cancer.

Your Carbs Might Give You Cancer

Back awaaay from the bread.

Knowing About Your Cancer Doubles Your Rate of Surviving It

Knowledge is power but when it comes to cancer, it may be the difference between life and death

Why Scientists Think Wireless Technology Can Cause Cancer

We've heard a thousand times that technology causes cancer, but the science isn't actually that cut and dry.

Can a Daily Aspirin Really Prevent Cancer?

New research shows it may help prevent cervical, breast, colon and skin cancers, and yet doctors aren't recommending it for everyone. Why the heck not?

Can Cardio Workouts Ward Off Cancer?

How hard you go in your workouts may have a direct correlation to disease development, according to new research.

Why Cancer Isn't a "War"

Real people share why how you talk about cancer matters.

Top Warning Signs to Ask Your Doctor About

If you’re like 98 percent of adults, you’d brush off the 10 top warning signs of cancer. Would you recognize these other scary symptoms?

Healthy Living Tips from Death Experts Who Know

Real stories and disease-prevention secrets from pros who know the body inside and out: an anatomy professor and embalmer.

Why the Diseases That Are the Biggest Killers Get the Least Attention

The ALS ice bucket challenge has drenched the nation, but take a moment to learn about these surprising diseases that are killing Americans.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Your Next Pap Smear

We know getting up close and personal with your gyno isn't at the top of your to-do list, but here's how to make that dreaded appointment easier.

9 Incredible Things Science Can Almost Do

These advancements are inspirational, innovative, and on their way in the coming years.

Compound Found in French Fries and Coffee May Increase Risk of Cancer

A European group is warning about a scary danger of eating fries, bread, coffee, and other browned foods.

More Moles Could Mean Increased Breast Cancer Risk

New research says the number of spots on your skin correlates with your risk of the big C, but the reason may surprise you.

Weight Loss Surgery Slashes Cancer Risk

This procedure reduced risk of cancer by 40 percent for patients who went under the knife.

6 New Dietary Guidelines Announced for Cancer Prevention

Before you overhaul your diet based on these recommendations (no more burgers and beer?!), read what our Weight Loss Coach has to say.

70 Percent of Double Mastectomies May Be Unnecessary

So why do so many women still go under the knife?