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8 Brutally Honest Confessions from Massage Therapists

Lying down for a massage should send you straight to nirvana. Which is why it's particularly frustrating when your mind races with worries about your body and your unshaved legs to the point that you just can't relax. So we wondered—as you probably have—what the massage therapist really thinks when she's working her magic on your back. Here, seven massage therapists and one former spa manager dish on what they wish you knew and what they wish you'd just stop worrying so much about.

The Anti-Diet Is the Healthiest Diet You Could Ever Be On


Pinterest is the place to go for fitspo images, healthy recipes, and even workouts, which makes it a familiar stomping ground for dieters. But there's been a funny thing circulating on the photo-sharing site: the rise of the "anti-diet." Pins related to the anti-diet jumped 42 percent in 2016, surging during the last few months, which was enough for Pinterest to name it one of the emerging wellness trends for 2017.