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Heirloom Corn

This heirloom corn looks almost too pretty to eat (but don't worry, that wouldn't stop us). During harvest season, try to taste the variations of your old standbys. In this case, swap canned yellow corn for one of these darker, pattern-like varieties for a deeper, earthier taste.

Photo: Instagram/@wcgrowersmarket

All the Fall Veggies Ever

This is like #foodporn and #inspo all in one! There's nothing like the true bounty of fall coming together in one pic.

Photo: Instagram/@olirosekitchen


Sweet, sticky, juicy—that's what describes the perfect fig this time of year. But these dessert-like fruits come and go fast, so don't wait to buy yours now. Make a delish tart to impress guests or simply top toast with raw figs, yogurt, and honey.

Photo: Instagram/@visittahoecity


While starting with beets that are raw and unprepped may be a bit of a challenge, it's nothing you can't handle. And the payoff at the end is totally worth it, we promise. Talk to your local farmers' market vendor about the best way to prep the heart-healthy veg. Then get cooking!

Photo: Instagram/@sepsfarm


Go crazy for gourds this season! Whether you want to use them as fall décor around your home or roast them up for a hearty side or entrée, or make soup out of them, they're at their peak this time of year. So feel free to experiment with a new type.

Photo: Instagram/@hannahgilbert13