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Tory Burch Blue Tortoise Sunglasses

Change up your shade game with these blue and brown colored sunglasses. With 100 percent UVA/UVB protection and clarity, this polarized pair is worth the investment. You'll be wearing these shades for years to come. ($215;

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Proper Sun Protection for Sunnies

A cool pair of sunglasses can complete a summer outfit, but those trendy aviator shades won't protect your precious eyes from the sun's burning UV rays. David Tanzer, M.D., chief medical officer of Abbott Medical Optics, says sun damage on and around your eyes can leave short-term and lasting effects. In fact, just a short time spent outdoors in intense sunlight with a cheapie pair of sunglasses (or—gasp!—none at all) can cause sunburn on your cornea, which eventually sloughs off like a blister, but can be extremely painful until then, says Tanzer.

Other long-term concerns from sun exposure include pterygium of the eye (also known as surfer's eye), which is a pink fleshy growth on the whites of your eye; cataracts, which creates fogginess and vision issues over time; macular degeneration, a common cause of blindness over the age of 65 that can be hastened by sun exposure; and even melanoma or basal cell carcinoma cancers. "Preventative maintenance is crucial," says Tanzer. 

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Hopping Around

Cardio day normally scares us, but Kaiser makes training look like such a good time. If we had abs like that, we'd jump for joy too.

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