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Matzo Ball Soup

Still trying to crack the secret to Grandma's perfect soup? Just a few tablespoons of seltzer make this Matzo Ball Soup the perfect amount of light and fluffy while still being savory.

Photo: Smitten Kitchen

Two-Ingredient Crepes

All you need to make these Two-Ingredient Crepes are flour and seltzer. Top them with fruit and sugar, or fill them with savory ingredients—any way you fold them, they taste great.

Photo: Diethood

Jessamyn Stanley Gets Really Real About Yoga Stereotypes and the Word "Fat"

We've been huge fans of yoga instructor and body pos activist Jessamyn Stanley ever since she first drew headlines early last year. Since then, she's taken the Instagram and yoga world by storm—and now has a loyal fan base of 168,000 followers and counting. And as we recently learned on set with her (in between her stints traveling the world teaching yoga!), it's about so much more than cool poses on Instagram.

Fuel Your Fire: Cycling

"Cycling is the perfect therapy for a breakup because mentally you can turn off and physically you can turn on," says Natalie Gargiulo, cycling instructor at SWERVE Fitness. "The physical release from pushing against heavy resistance and flushing it out with speed is enough to bring anyone to tears. There is nothing more satisfying, cathartic, and therapeutic than listening to music in a dark room surrounded by strangers and friends, working yourself so hard you can't tell if you're mascara is ruined from sweat or from tears." Amen, girl.

And if that's not enough, fellow SWERVE instructor Seth Maynard adds why he thinks it's perfect for personal therapy: First, sitting alone and feeling alone is THE WORST. Being around others and being active is key, and on the upside you also don't have to talk about it! And second, a common feeling after a breakup is failure—that you tried really hard for something you wanted, and it didn't work out. After a cycling classm you have a well-deserved sense of accomplishment.

If this isn't enough to get you to go cycle, Maynard doesn't hesitate to quote Miss Elle Woods herself: "'Working out releases and endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don't go around shooting their husbands!' Or in this case, your ex." Consider us sold.

Photo: Corbis Images