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The Best Lower Body Exercises to Tone Your Glutes and Hamstrings

This workout routine features the six of best exercises for toning your entire lower half: the best thigh exercises to target your glutes, hamstrings, butt, inner, and outer thighs. We're going to work it all.

This 10-minute workout is a fun and intense mix of targeted lower-body strength exercises along with some plyometrics (jump training). You'll not only work your legs, but you'll also jack up your heart rate and burn more calories in the process. Bonus: It can be done anywhere, anytime, with absolutely no equipment needed.

Why You Should Be Extra Careful Not to Swallow Pool Water

Swimming pools and water parks are always a good time, but it's easy to see that they might not be the most sanitary places to hang out. For starters, every year there's that one kid who poops and ruins the pool for everyone else. But don't be fooled: Crystal clear water could be unsanitary too.