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Creamy White Bean Pesto Pasta

The vegan sauce on this Creamy White Bean Pesto Pasta gets a luscious texture—as well as extra hits of fiber and protein—from beans. Add pesto and you've got a meal that's filling and super flavorful. (Check out these 9 Foods That Could Be Made Vegan.)

Photo: Natural Girl Modern World

Crazy Good Peanut Noodles

You'd never guess that these indulgent-looking Crazy Good Peanut Noodles are actually Paleo. And since the dish comes together in just 15 minutes, it's perfect for a quick and easy lunch.

Photo: Kelley & Cricket

Chinese Chicken Pasta Salad

Tons of bright, colorful veggies make this Chinese Chicken Pasta Salad healthy and Instagram-worthy. And since it tastes great warm or cold, you can make it for a party and then pack the leftovers for lunch all week.

Photo: Averie Cooks