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Why Jessica Alba Isn't Afraid of Aging

You might assume Jessica Alba would be content with her successful billion-dollar Honest Company empire. But with the introduction of Honest Beauty (now available at Target), she proved that with her business savvy, there's no category (even one as competitive as the beauty industry) that she can't tackle. And it's not the only area of growth for the actress and businesswoman—Jessica just announced she's pregnant with baby number three.

Take Advantage of Your Hormones to Sculpt Your Best Body Ever

exercise hormonesEvery time you exercise, special hormones in your body spring into action. Released by your system when you move, they give you energy, spark your motivation, and boost your mood. "Hormones are essential for your ability to work out effectively," says Katarina Borer, Ph.D., a professor of movement science and the director of the Exercise Endocrinology Laboratory at the University of Michigan.