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Pull Out an Old Photo

Grab a picture from a particularly proud and happy moment—a mid-run selfie or a shot snapped at a celebratory dinner. Put it somewhere you'll be sure to see it every morning, says Alyssa Dver, founder of the American Confidence Institute and author of Kickass Confidence: Own Your Brain. Up Your Game. The perfect spot? Your phone background. Every time you see it, you're reminded of a time you were happy and completely crushing it. 

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Drop Your To-Do-List

Switch your daily to-do list to a daily accomplishments list, and you’ll feel hella empowered—instead of down—about what you did and didn’t do, says Sandella.

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Notice the Good

Too often, women focus on what they want to improve or what they don't like, says Lisa Ferentz, a clinical social worker and author of Finding Your Ruby Slippers: Transformative Life Lessons from the Therapist's Couch. A better game plan: Focus on what you do like. Hate your arms? Stop death-staring them in the mirror and focus on a body part you love. Bummed that you keep waking up late? Instead, think about how great you are at getting things done when everyone else is burnt out in the evening. 

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Find Your Happy Place

Mantras don't need to be inspirational quotes. Think about where you feel most in the moment and most yourself. Maybe it's in a yoga class, walking down your street, or freestyle dancing around your living room. That is your mantra, says Sandella. Find time to be there more often. Tuning in to your mantra lets you check in on the real you and totally #ownit.

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Move Your Body

The mental high from a good sweat session will always be one of the best ways to find a no-frills mood boost. Thank feel-good hormones called endorphins and your body's endocannabinoid system that lights up from exercise. (Here's more on the science of your exercise high.)

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