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Did You Know There Are 4 Different Types of Depression?

Depression is the most common mental illness and the leading cause of disability in the United States, according to the CDC, affecting nearly one in three women at some point in their lives. This prevalence makes treating and curing depression a top priority. But doing so has proven to be quite difficult, as the illness can present itself differently from one person to the next.

This Yogi is Baring it All For a Very Empowering Reason (NSFW)

Self-described "fat femme" Jessamyn Stanley is poignantly calling out the body-positive movement for not staying true to its message. "I have a big problem with the conversation about body positivity on social media," the 28-year-old plus-size yogi wrote on Instagram. "From where I'm sitting, the conversation has become very diluted and saccharine sweet."

What Is a Superset and How Can You Put It In Your Workout?

Even if you're not a self-professed gym rat, there's a certain allure to knowing your stuff at the gym. Yeah, you can pop in, jog on a treadmill, throw around some dumbbells, and #doyoursquats, but there's something empowering about designing your own workout and knowing exactly why you're doing every single exercise.

This Bittersweet Italian Cocktail Will Have You Coming Back for More

At face value, the name of this cocktail rings true to its ingredients. The Italian liqueur called Cynar is bitter, yes, but a honey-based simple syrup (just swap sugar for honey when you DIY it) as well as the aperitif wine add sweetness to your glass for the perfect drink that's—you guessed it—bittersweet.