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The Long Hope

This sophisticated cocktail, called the Long Hope, blends cucumber, mint, and honeydew melon juice with homemade lemonade and gin to create a refreshingly sweet and fruity drink that's just right for warm-weather sipping. (If cool cucumber is right up your alley, try these other cucumber cocktails.)

Photo: O & O Eats

Whiskey Lemonade with Honey Simple Syrup

This Whiskey Lemonade gets a twist from a dark, smokey spirit and a simple syrup with honey instead of sugar. The result? A grown-up lemonade that's more cocktail party than playtime.

Photo: FoodieCrush

Jalapeño Vodka Lemonade

Don't let these cute cocktails fool you—this Jalapeno Vodka Lemonade packs some serious heat. The spice comes from jalapeno-infused vodka (another DIY project that will impress your friends), but is diluted with a simple homemade lemonade recipe: Fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and water. (Serve alongside one of these breakfast tacos for the best brunch ever.)

Photo: Camille Styles

Strawberry Vodka Lemonade

Forget those sickeningly-sweet pre-flavored vodkas—DIY your own strawberry-infused booze (it's easier than you think) for this Strawberry Vodka Lemonade. Just let strawberries sit in a mason jar with vodka for one week, mix with sparkling lemon soda, and enjoy!

Photo: Boulder Loacvore

Bourbon Cherry Cooler

This Bourbon Cherry Cooler is a fresh spin on a sweet, dark cocktail, so it's perfect for the summer's transition into fall. Make your own lemonade with lemon juice and simple syrup, then add cherries, Aperol, sparkling water, and bourbon for a happy hour filled with flavor.

Photo: Honestly Yum