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The 20-Minute Workout to Build a Strong Core and Prevent Injury

There are so many reasons to love your core—and, no, we're not just talking about the abs you can see. When it comes down to it, all the muscles in your core (including your pelvic floor, abdominal girdle muscles, diaphragm, erector spinae, etc.) work together to act as a super stabilizer for your body. Maintaining a strong core is not only key to nailing tough workouts, but to staying injury free through day-to-day tasks.

28 Yoga Poses to Get Your Vinyasa Flow On

Raise your hand if you've ever been intimidated by a gorgeous Instagram picture of an impossibly flexible yogi with their arms and legs pretzeled in to some kind of impossible shape. Yea, us too. This is not that kind of yoga challenge. We teamed up with Masumi Goldman and Laura Kasperzak of Two Fit Moms to create a challenge for the every yogi—and the novice yogi. Each week, you'll master six poses, then put them all together for a #FridayFlow. You'll start with the basics, the move through core-strengthening poses, flexibility-enhancing shapes, and strength-building moves.

By the end of the month, you'll be able to put all 24 individual poses together for a pretty killer vinyasa flow that will help you tone all over—and prep you for those Instagram-worthy shapes you know you want to post. (Psst: tag them with #PostYourPose throughout the month!) Want to keep your practice going? Download Laura and Masumi's Gaiam Yoga Rising classes on iTunes, available at a special rate for a limited time. (Ready for the next challenge? Try these 10 Exercises to Prime Your Arms for Tough Yoga Poses.) 

Photo: James Michelfelder

How Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Work Out Before Vacation

Being a top model and a part of the Kardashian clan means that Kendall Jenner does a whole lot of traveling. She's made the rounds to Paris, London, and Mykonos just within the last few months...if you haven't been "keeping up." While the seasoned jet-setter really doesn't need to trim down before hopping on a boat (okay, probably a yatcht), who doesn't relate to wanting to feel their best right before they slip on a bathing suit? To get there, she uses a quick set of go-to moves that to prep for a trip when it's down to the wire.