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Experts Say You Should Be Screened for Depression Annually

Screenings for depression should be a regular part of your run-of-the-mill checkup.

Could Eating More Fat Reduce Your Risk of Suicidal Tendencies?

Feeling extra blue? Make sure you're eating enough fat.

A New Drug Could Revolutionize The Way We Treat Depression

A new breakthrough could mean a speedier treatment.

6 Subtle Signs of Postpartum Depression

What Hayden Panettiere wants you to know about about PPD

What Helping Suicidal Strangers Is Really Like

Could you handle talking to someone in a life-or-death crisis?

How Bad and Good Carbs Affect Your Brain

See why some carbs boost brain health while others cause mental anguish.

The Not-So-Healthy Fats Making You Depressed

But, despite this science, you still shouldn't nix fats all together.

Your Phone Can Pick Up On Depression Better Than You Can

How and where we use our phones can predict depression with nearly 90 percent accuracy, says new study.

How Hiking Can Help with Depression

A new study says taking a walk on the wild side (literally) has some serious perks.

Antidepressants May Be Messing With Your Morals

New research shows how altering our brain chemicals can also change our values and decisions.

Your Nightmares Could Be a Sign of This Mood Disorder

Waking up from freaky dreams could be a sign you're suffering from more than just stress or anxiety.

How These 4 Illegal Drugs Are Treating Mental Illness

A new wave of research suggests that psychedelic drugs, unlike traditional antidepressants, may be able to provide long-lasting relief quickly for those dealing with some of our most common mental illnesses.

Your iPad May Up Your Risk for Cancer

How artificial lights can affect your risk for breast cancer, diabetes, depression, and more.

USDA Considers Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Depression

New USDA considerations tout the powers of these brain foods.

Have an Amazing Orgasm: Check Your Prescriptions

The culprit behind your low libido may be in your medicine cabinet. Improve your sex life by finding out which 'scripts affect your desire to get down.

This Weird Test Could Predict Anxiety and Depression

Science could predict your likelihood of mental illness just by judging how you respond to a picture of a face.

The Truth About Postpartum Depression

Recent research sheds new light on the diagnosis and treatment options for postpartum depression.

Why Burnout Should be Taken Seriously

A guide to deciphering the fuzzy line between stress, burnout, and depression.

Can Being the Boss Make You Depressed?

A recent study says women in power could be silently suffering from this condition.

Could You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Bumming out and Seasonal Affective Disorder are two very different things (that sometimes share symptoms). Here, 5 ways to tell what's what.

4 Reasons You're Crying

Randomly crying but not feeling sad? What's causing it—and what it really means.

5 Health Issues That Hit Women Differently

Read this checklist for the surprising warning signs never to blow off.

Yogic Breathing: What Are the Benefits?

One kind of yoga promises to ease your pain and help you gain a new perspective—all through the way you take in oxygen. Here, how it works.

Your Brain On: Autumn

Fall may mean pumpkin spice lattes and foliage—but we look into what cooler temps mean for your mind, sleep, and mood.