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Huevos Rancheros Tacos

Try these huevos rancheros breakfast tacos for breakfast or dinner. (Or have them for both, a lá taco cleanse.) Mash and fry the beans to get them toasted and crispy, flip some eggs over easy, and top with some avocado, cheese, chiles, and tomatoes. Bada-bing, bada-boom.

Photo: Diethood

Baked Steak and Egg Breakfast Tacos

Bake a big batch of these steak and egg breakfast Ttcos to feed a whole bunch of hangry brunchers—fast. Just throw cooked eggs, seared steak strips, and cheese inside taco shells, pop them in the oven, and then top with the cool ingredients. Crispy, cheesy deliciousness, coming right up.

Photo: The Cookie Rookie

Southwest Breakfast Tostadas

Yeah, a tostada isn't technically a taco either, but if you folded it in half to eat it, it would be one. That's close enough, right? Either way, you'll want to nom on these southwest breakfast tostadas ASAP. The fried eggs release a runny yolk that pairs unbelievably well with the creamy avocado and a splash of hot sauce. Cue the drooling.

Photo: Recipe Runner

Farmer's Market Breakfast Tacos

Bacon, homemade balsamic glaze, and microgreens upgrade these farmers market breakfast tacos from simple tortilla and egg. (If you haven't tried microgreens, you should, because they have a whole slew of health benefits. Plus, their tiny size fits perfectly into little tortillas!)

Photo: Layers of Happiness

Breakfast Taquitos

OK, OK, so they're not tacos. But these freezer-friendly Breakfast Taquitos are too cute (and delicious-looking) to pass up when it comes to Mexican breakfast foods. They're healthier than ones you'd get at a restaurant (baked, not fried), and once you whip up a big batch, you can keep some handy in the freezer for lazy Sunday brunches or busy weekday mornings.

Photo: Damn Delicious