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Are Fitness Festivals the New Music Festivals?

You might know the name Virgin for their cell phone service (you know, those pre-paid Virgin Mobile phones), their purple-hued super-hip airlines (a la Virgin America), or their now defunct record label (Virgin Records once repped your fave pop ladies, like Janet Jackson and the Spice Girls). But the latest offering added to the Virgin menu might surprise you.

This Family Celebrated Their Daughter's First Period With a Surprise Party

It's 2017, yet plenty of young women (and even adults) still feel ashamed to talk about their period. The hush-hush nature of conversations about this totally natural and normal part of being a woman has made it so that we believe we have to hide which is why we can't help but be in awe of this mother who threw her 12-year-old a surprise party for starting her period. (Read: 14 Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Period)