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Reversible Leggings to Take You from Day to Night

Vimmia Reversible Storm Pace Yoga Leggings

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As the sun goes down, flip these leggings from light to dark to transition from Pilates class to patio drinks (or wherever your evening takes you). The muted, brush stroke print is super versatile for any outfit and the mesh paneling will keep you nice and cool. (Next, see more reversible workout clothes to double your fitness wardrobe.) ($123;


Reebok Comic Clash Reversible Legging

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Amp up your workout with these bright, whimsical leggings that easily switch to a basic black. Reebok's speedy moisture-wicking technology will keep you dry through your workout, allowing you to meet up with friends right after without stressing about smelling. ($65;


Sweaty Betty Chandrasana 7/8 Reversible Leggings

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Packing for a tropical getaway has never been easier. The palm leaf print is great for runs on the beach, while the opposite black side is perfect for everyday wear. Bonus: More space in your suitcase for shoes! (Before your next vacation, check out these trendy workout clothes that are great for traveling.) ($115;


Vimmia Reversible Print Long Legging

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Change up your look with these geometric leggings that will have your fellow gym-goers and friends doing a double take—literally. Wear the subtle black and white side for a neutral yet edgy look, or flip them around for a more bold and colorful option. Compression at the seams will keep them in place all day. (And don't feel bad about splurging: Studies show trendy workout clothes can actually improve your performance.) ($84;


Brooks Greenlight Reversible Capris

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These colorful capris are perfect for spring. Wear them while you log miles on your training runs, then flip them inside out and you're ready for brunch. ($42;


Reebok Reversible Speedwick Leggings

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Stick with solids, and you’ll never go wrong. These reversible leggings are the ultimate workout basic that'll pair with anything in your workout wardrobe. Throw on your favorite bomber jacket and your athleisure look is good to go. ($45;


Zella Static Reversible Leggings

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Power through every squat, lunge, errand, and more in these fashionable leggings that feature four-way stretch material. (Into workout clothes that do double-duty? You have to check out these workout clothes that double as wearable tech.) ($89;


Exofficio Zhanna Reversible Legging

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Stay cozy in these ultra-soft jersey leggings, perfect for yoga class (or just staying in). The pocketed waistband has a zipper so there's no chance of losing your keys or cards during your workout. ($85;


WITH Reversible High Waist Legging

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Workout wardrobe feeling a bit stale? Score two unique patterns for the price of one with these high-waisted, moisture-wicking leggings. ($110;


Tek Gear Reversible Capri Leggings

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Whether you want to be bold with a multicolored pink fabric, or stick to the basics with solid gray, these moisture-wicking capris let you rock two totally different looks without breaking the bank. ($25;

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Yoga Poses That Tone Up Your Triceps

Upward Facing Plank

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From a seated position with legs together and long in front of you, take hands behind you, fingers pointing toward body. Press into palms while lifting hips high. Allow head to fall back if that feels natural for your neck. Press all four corners of the feet into the ground. Stay here for 10 to 20 deep breaths. (Also try these 10 Exercises to Prime Your Arms for Tough Yoga Poses)

Photo: Heidi Kristoffer

Side Plank

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From plank pose, transfer weight onto left hand and outer edge of left foot and reach right arm toward the ceiling. Stack right foot on top of left and press hips away from the ground for extra arm benefit. Breathe here for 10 to 20 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Photo: Heidi Kristoffer

Chaturanga Push-Ups

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Start in plank pose. Reach back through heels, engage navel to spine, and soften through elbows, reaching them straight back until forearms graze the sides of ribcage. Find long spine, and keep a slight chin tuck. This is Chaturanga. Take a breath here, then inhale back to plank. This is 1 rep. Do as many reps as you can (aim for 5 to 10), and then rest in child's pose.

Photo: Heidi Kristoffer

Reverse Chaturanga Push-Ups

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Lie facedown. Take hands to either side of ribcage and make a 90-degree angle with arms, elbows pointing straight up. This is starting position. Tuck toes, firm legs, pull elbows in. Take a big inhale, and use your exhale to pull belly to spine, and lift up to Chaturanga. Take a deep breath here, then control the descent to starting position. This is 1 rep. Do as many as you can, aiming for 5 to 10, and then rest in child's pose.

Photo: Heidi Kristoffer

Peacock Prep

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Begin on all fours: knees under hips, shoulders over wrists. Turn hands, palms on the ground, so that fingers are facing knees, and wrist creases are in line with the front edge of the mat. If wrist flexibility doesn't permit that, take wrists to face one another, fingers face away from one another, or anywhere in between those two positions. Bend elbows toward one another and start to lean forward, guiding elbows toward navel. Step feet back to a plank position and breathe here for 5 to 10 deep breaths.

Photo: Heidi Kristoffer

Dolphin / Dog

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Begin on hands and knees with forearms shoulder-width apart and parallel. Tuck toes, lift hips high, drop head, and reach chest back toward shins. This is dolphin. From here, look in between thumbs, press into knuckles of forefingers and thumbs, and simultaneously lengthen both arms into down dog. Take a breath here, then, energetically reach elbows toward one another while lowering forearms slowly and simultaneously to the ground. This is 1 rep. Do as many as you can, aiming for 10. Keep elbows and wrists shoulder-distance apart the entire time, and don't forget to breathe!

Photo: Heidi Kristoffer

Dolphin Push-Ups

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Begin on hands and knees with forearms shoulder-width apart and parallel. Tuck toes, lift hips high, drop head, and reach chest back toward shins. This is dolphin. From here, look forward and reach chin toward thumbs on your inhale. Come almost to a forearm plank but not quite. On your exhale, engage navel to spine, and use core to lift hips back to dolphin. Do 10 to 20 reps and then rest in child's pose. (Try the 30-Day Push-Up Challenge for more variations.)

Photo: Heidi Kristoffer

You Can Now Get Birth Control Delivered to Your Door

BC packWith the most recent presidential election and all the health care talk, birth control has been a huge topic recently—and it hasn't all been positive. But we're happy to finally have some good BC news to report.