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eating disorders

Orthorexia Is the Eating Disorder You've Never Heard Of

Chances are you might, but just not know it. Maybe it's even affecting you.

5 Weird Health Concerns That Can Pop Up During Pregnancy

These are way beyond that craving for pickles and ice cream.

This Model's Post Shows What It's Like to Be Fired Because of Your Body

"It's funny how you can be 0.5 or 1 cm 'too big' but never 1-6 cm 'too small'."

Kesha Encourages Others to Seek Help for Eating Disorders In Powerful PSA

"I got sicker, and the whole world kept telling me how much better I looked."

Iskra Lawrence Joins the #BoycottTheBefore Movement

"We do not need to prove that we struggled."

Lily Collins Reveals Her Past Struggle with Eating Disorders

The actress' recent portrayal of a young woman with anorexia inspired her to be open about her past

Why Actually Reaching My Resolution Made Me Less Happy

I lost all the weight (and then some) and I felt worse about myself than I ever had.

Hilaria Baldwin's Battle With Eating Disorders Completely Changed After a 'Rude Awakening'

The professional dancer talks about the life-changing moment, hoping it will help others.

Mel C Says Being a Spice Girl Led to Her Eating Disorder

The "Sporty Spice" says her damaged self-image came from constant public attention.

Blogger Shares One Easy Way to Stop Body Shaming Yourself

This body-positive blogger is about to give you an "a-ha!" moment

Zayn Malik Shares His Eating Disorder Struggles in New Autobiography

Hopefully, the singer's honesty will help end the stigma around men with eating disorders.

Spice Girl Geri Halliwell Reveals She Battled Bulimia

The spotlight made her develop some dangerous diet habits

The Not-So-Secret Truth About Emotional Eating

Remember: No matter why you're eating it, it's still a cookie. It's not cancer.

Could Tweeting About Your Weight Loss Lead to An Eating Disorder?

There might be a relationship between your gym selfies and unhealthy eating habits.

The Reality of Exercising After an Eating Disorder

What happens when exercise *isn't* healthy?

Could Your Fitness Tracker Give You an Eating Disorder?

Experts warn that tracker tech could lead to some unhealthy behaviors

What It's Like to Be a Foodie with An Eating Disorder

"Iit felt like that little voice in my head, the one that told me that food was the enemy, had found a megaphone."

Banning Pro-Eating Disorder Words On Instagram Doesn't Work

The speech restrictions actually make things worse.

How Bad Is Occasional Binge Eating?

One "fit and healthy" woman can eat 10,000 calories in a single sitting. So how bad is binge eating, really?