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All-Around Summer Fun

You don't need to be a pro swimmer for a good pair of goggles to make a difference. Easily adjustable straps on Zogg's BMT 3.0 Chromatic Swim Goggles ($25; keep your goggles in place while you jump, float, and flip your way through a summer of vacations and pool parties. The comfortable goggles are technical enough to do laps in, but simple enough to be your go-to for just splish-splashin'. Contact-wearers, rejoice!

Photo: Dick's Sporting Goods

For the Goggle-Hater

Wanna feel the freedom of going goggle-less with the protection and visibility of a high-quality lens? The ROKA X1 ($25; has bigger cups that sit entirely outside of the eye sockets so you get zero-pressure. Extra soft silicone feels good against the skin and 10 different lens options let you pick the perfect tint for whatever conditions you'll be swimming in. (Not a swimmer? We've got eight reasons to start!)

Photo: ROKA

If You Have A Small Head

Designed for smaller heads and petite face shapes, the FINIS Zone goggle ($14, is perfect for people who typically feel like hats swallow them up. The one-piece frame is flexible, so you can position the silicone gaskets to fit snuggly within your eye sockets for a fully watertight seal.

Photo: FINIS