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The Anti-Diet Is the Healthiest Diet You Could Ever Be On


Pinterest is the place to go for fitspo images, healthy recipes, and even workouts, which makes it a familiar stomping ground for dieters. But there's been a funny thing circulating on the photo-sharing site: the rise of the "anti-diet." Pins related to the anti-diet jumped 42 percent in 2016, surging during the last few months, which was enough for Pinterest to name it one of the emerging wellness trends for 2017.

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Getting Her Stretch Marks Removed

Kim Kardashian West isn't shy when it comes to discussing cosmetic procedures. In a recent Snapchat, the mother of two told her millions of followers that she paid her cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian a visit to help get rid of her stretch marks. "I feel so excited that I finally did it," she said using a voice-changing Snapchat filter with bunny ears.

"I've been so scared to do it thinking it hurts so badly, and it didn't hurt that badly," she continued. "So I'm so grateful, and I'm so excited. I love you Dr. Ourian!"

The Metabolism Booster Hotel Room Workout You Can Do Anywhere

When you're short on time and away from home, it can feel just about impossible to find the time and space for a workout. But you don't need to sweat for a solid hour or use a bunch of fancy equipment to boost your metabolism and start burning calories. This fast metabolism booster workout can be done in your living room, outside, or even in a hotel room—just like trainer Kym Perfetto, aka @kymnonstop, demonstrates here.

Genius Leek Recipes That Add Low-Cal Flavor to Your Favorite Foods

Why You Need to Be Eating Leeks

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More subtle than scallions, leeks develop a beautifully rich, buttery flavor when cooked. They also give your health a big boost, thanks to their immune-strengthening vitamin A and heart-healthy vitamin K. (Also try these other foods that can help boost your immune system.) Sauté, roast, or toss them on the grill—their velvety texture and indulgent taste pair well with almost anything. Three top chefs offer creative leek recipes you'll add to your usual lineup.

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Leek and Garlic Dip

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Hosting the next big holiday? Switch up the dips on your serving platter by adding this hearty healthy dip from Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton, owners and chefs at OX in Portland, Oregon. Grilled leeks pureed with garlic, olive oil, and sherry vinegar produce a decadent dip that you can serve with bread or crudités or even atop meat or fish. (These four healthy chips and dips combos make a perfect addition as well.)

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Sweet and Salty Leek Succotash

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Craving both sweet and savory? This succotash from Ted Peters, executive chef at Azurea at One Ocean Resort in Atlantic Beach, Florida, combines sweet bell peppers and leeks with salty spices and meats (including, yes, bacon) to satisfy all your tastebuds. (Psst... these other recipes are proof that sweet and spicy is the best flavor combo ever.)

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Vegetarian Taco Filling with Leeks

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Whether you're a vegetarian or diehard meat-lover, this veggie taco filling from Troy Guard, chef and owner of TAG Restaurant in Denver will seriously satisfy. Leeks add a buttery flavor that balances out the kick of jalapeño salsa.

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