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exercise studies

This Exercise Study May Explain the ClassPass Boom

Interesting things happen when you break out of your cardio comfort zone.

This Hormone Is Responsible for Your Runner's High

You can thank your hunger hormones for helping you tap into your inner beast.

Are You Too Much of a Perfectionist at the Gym?

Beat burnout with good goal setting, right? Not so fast.

Is It Better to Sleep In or Work Out?

Tough morning? We checked with experts to find out when it's OK to hit snooze—and when you should drag your butt out of bed.

The Bacteria That Causes Body Odor

Researchers have identified the bacteria that makes your sweat so, well, stinky.

How Salt Can Help You Run Faster on Race Day

A new study finds that when it comes to long races, these surprising foods could boost your performance.

Science Proves Fitness Really Is in Your Own Hands

Check out the differences (in body and brain) between one twin who exercised and one who didn't.

4 SoulCycle Tips to Take to Spin Class

Make the most of standing climbs and "runs" to boost the efficiency of your cardio workouts.

This New Injection Burns Calories to Aid Weight Loss

A new study shows how you can outsmart your muscles to burn more calories and overcome a weight loss plateau.

Is Your Fitness Tracker Making You a Sucker?

Activity trackers and apps might help you move more, but a new study finds negative consequences of relying on them too heavily.

Moving Is Key to a Longer Life, Says New Study

One of these doubles your risk of dying early. Find out which one—and what you can do about it

How Letting Go of a Grudge Can Improve Your Workout

Science says forgiving your foes can make you a better person—in the gym, at least.

Health Benefits of Exercise Now Include Lower Alcoholism Risk

Working out this much helps lower your risk of alcohol abuse—despite genetics.

The Strength Exercise That Makes You More Powerful

Jump higher and move faster by adding this move to your exercise arsenal.

The Ultimate Workout for a Flat Stomach, According to Science

Sweating on the treadmill may not actually be the best way to score flat abs, but a new study shows which workout is.

What Happens to Fat When You Lose It?

You'll never guess what organ is responsible for getting rid of fat!

Science Discovers Why People Are So Fast

Science discovers why Kenyans are so fast. And yes, you can learn the superpower too!

A 1-Minute HIIT Burst Can Transform Your Workout!

Killing yourself at the gym? Use your time right and 60 seconds might be enough to improve your endurance and fitness.

The Mental Hack for How to Run Faster

Try this mental technique for a faster running time today.

A Sweet Reason to Sweat During the Holiday Season

See how cardio and resistance training can help counteract the negative effects of too much sugar.

Squatting Lower May Not Always Be Better

Here's your (totally legit, research-backed) excuse to do partial squats, rather than the full-blown movement.

5 Ways to Make Your Workout Work Harder

Hit a plateau? Go longer, stronger, and faster with these simple tweaks to your current routine.

How Running Can Curb Your Cravings

New research shows your sweat sessions do more than just burn calories—they also help you avoid eating the bad ones.

How to Run Like an Elite Sprinter

Harness the experts' best tips and get ready to add a fast finish to your next 5K.

New Research Confirms Best Shoulder Exercises to Rock a Strapless Dress

New research has identified the most effective moves to sculpt super sexy shoulders.

Why Weight Loss Isn't the Secret to Happiness

Slipping into a smaller size may feel good, but if you expect it to solve all of your problems, there are bigger issues to address first.