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exercise studies

What Does Lack of Sleep Mean for Your Gym Goals?

Losing sleep three nights in a row will totally tank your performance.

This Is the Best Way to Exercise to Boost Your Energy

Too much exercise will wear you down and sap your energy, but too little makes you weak and tired. Here's what you should be doing at the gym to skyrocket your energy levels.

The Surprising Connection Between Your Job and Your Fitness Goals

Some jobs might be seriously sapping your strength.

Your Fitness Tracker Might Be Miscounting Your Calories

Here's an argument for counting the old-fashioned way.

The Amount of Time Humans Spend Exercising Will Shock You

The results from Reebok's new global survey were preeetty interesting...and a little alarming.

Want to Increase Your Running Endurance? Compression Gear Can Help

You might want to pick up some before your next long-distance race or run.

Here's Another Reason to Sign Up for That Race

Another reason to sign up for that half marathon!

Yes, You Really Can Be Born to Run

Turns out, Bruce Springsteen was on to something—your love of exercise may be a direct result of how active your mom was while pregnant with you.

The Downside to High-Intensity Sprint Training

A new study says explosive sprint training can cause serious damage, putting you at risk for certain diseases and even cancer.

Most U.S. Adults Would Fail a Healthy Lifestyle Test

You won't believe how many Americans fail to meet all four of the factors associated with healthy living.

Millenials Prefer *This* to Drinking (And We Couldn't Be More Psyched)

Hitting the gym reigns superior to hitting the bar, according to a new study. Cheers to that!

Here's Another Reason to Take the Stairs Today

Give your butt AND your brain a boost.

Exercise Makes You Less Hungry, Says New Study

A-ha! This finally explains your lack of appetite after HIIT.

Exercising Too Much Could Be Toxic to Your Heart

Those two-a-days may not be so good for you.

The Combination of Exercise and Meditation Can Decrease Depression

Give depression a one-two punch with this regimen.

This Exercise Study May Explain the ClassPass Boom

Interesting things happen when you break out of your cardio comfort zone.

This Hormone Is Responsible for Your Runner's High

You can thank your hunger hormones for helping you tap into your inner beast.

Are You Too Much of a Perfectionist at the Gym?

Beat burnout with good goal setting, right? Not so fast.

Is It Better to Sleep In or Work Out?

Tough morning? We checked with experts to find out when it's OK to hit snooze—and when you should drag your butt out of bed.

The Bacteria That Causes Body Odor

Researchers have identified the bacteria that makes your sweat so, well, stinky.

How Salt Can Help You Run Faster on Race Day

A new study finds that when it comes to long races, these surprising foods could boost your performance.

Science Proves Fitness Really Is in Your Own Hands

Check out the differences (in body and brain) between one twin who exercised and one who didn't.

4 SoulCycle Tips to Take to Spin Class

Make the most of standing climbs and "runs" to boost the efficiency of your cardio workouts.