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What I Learned from a Month of Workout Dates

Trading in brunch for barre can boost your physical strength <em>and</em> the strength of your friendships. Win-win!

I Exercised Like My Wife for a Month...and Only Collapsed Twice

What's it like being the only guy in a fitness class full of women? As one man learned, that's not the hard part.

How ClassPass Helped Me Recover from an Awful Breakup

The hidden benefits of our beloved fitness class booking service.

How Burlesque Fitness Taught Me to Love My Body

Changing it up (a lot!) was the push one woman needed.

7 Things to Do Before Trying New Fitness Classes

Worried about working out in the front row during your first class? We've got you covered.

12 Stages of a Fitness Class Obsession

Fitness trends come and go, but the workout obsession cycle lasts forever.

The Rise of the Personal Trainer Slash Celebrity

Fitness instructors are more famous than ever—but are they all legit?

The Yoga Workout That Tones with Dumbbells

We tapped CorePower Yoga for how to score a strong and toned yogi's bod.

The Toughest Fitness Classes Around the Country

We're talking about clothes-soaking, calorie-scorching, fat-torching sweat sessions.

Free Fitness Classes You Can Take On Periscope

There are officially no excuses to skip the gym.

How I Became a Group Fitness Instructor at a Top Gym

Read how popular trainers from Flywheel, Barry's Bootcamp, and more studios got their start.

The Craziest Things Fitness Instructors Have Said

"If you want to punch me because you hate me, at least keep your core tight while doing it."

Why You Should Take a Pole Dancing Class

Check that judgement—pole dancing has become one of fitness's hottest trends. Watch these women do it to see why.

Proper Sweatiquette for ClassPass and Fitness Booking Services

If you've given up your gym membership for a booking service, find out how to make the most out of each studio experience.

Would You Try a Treadmill Workout Class?

Our nutrition editor tests out her first-ever treadmill class at Barry's Bootcamp.

The 50 Shades of Grey Fitness Class

In the wake of the movie's success, new bondage-style workout classes are popping up, promising to help you work up a sweat (if you dare).

The Fitness Class Fusion Full-Body Workout

Get the body benefits of all your favorite group fitness classes in one total-body, no-equipment workout.

The Ultimate HIIT Rowing Workout for Total-Body Toning

If you can't make it to CityRow for its total-body workout, take this primer with you to the gym!

9 Group Fitness Instructors' Funniest In-Class Moments

What happens when you put a bunch of strangers in a room and tell them to work out together? It can get preeeetty funny.

9 Fun Valentine's Day Studio Workouts

Give your body a little love with these festive, calorie-torching workouts. No date required!

Heated Spin, Sandbox, and 5 More Summer Fitness Classes For Winter

Stop daydreaming about beach volleyball and surfing; try one of these fitness classes to get your summer fix all winter long.

Are Immersive Fitness Classes the Workout of the Future?

New fitness classes use bright lights, imagery, and visual projections to enhance your workout.

Should You Work Out Alone or With a Group?

We weighed the pros and cons of each, so you can get the most out of your workout.

5 Classes You Should Take Outside of the Gym

Your favorite 7 a.m. yoga class is great—but these seminars (on nutrition, mental health, and more!) are worth your buck too.

7 More Fun (and More Effective!) Ways to Cycle

Cycling classes are getting a makeover, helping re-energize riders and speed up results. Keep an eye out for these cycling class trends that may come to a studio or gym near you

Exclusive Treadmill Workout from Mile High Run Club

Running classes are all the rage right now! See why with this at-home cardio plan that busts treadmill boredom and gives you the killer conditioning workout you crave.