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fitness tips

Exercise Equipment That Will Get You Fitter Faster

Step off the elliptical and get a crazy-good cardio workout with these fun and challenging machines.

Brilliant Ways to Combine Your Fitness and Beauty Routines

Save time and take your multitasking healthy habits to the next level.

7 Tricks to Push Yourself When You're Exercising Alone

You don't need to hire a personal trainer or a workout buddy to get in a killer workout by yourself

Could Slowing Down Your Pace Actually Speed Up Your Workout Goals?

You don't always need to go fast to get results.

Balance Boards That Will Work You to the Core

Want to increase your balance and strength? A good balance board will do the trick.

Why Do I Feel More Toned When I Haven't Worked Out In a While?

If you think your rest day body is hotter than your in-the-gym body, you're not entirely wrong.

Can You Really Work Out for 1 Minute Instead of 45?! New Study Says Yes

The secret to shaping up involves more effort than time

7 Health and Fitness Podcasts to Tune Into on Your Long Run

Get ready to run with a mix of funny, science-driven, and technique-focused podcasts.

Exercising Too Much Could Be Toxic to Your Heart

Those two-a-days may not be so good for you.

Is It Time to Break Up with Your Workout?

“It’s not you… It’s me.”

Why You Get Heartburn When You Exercise

When "feel the burn" takes on a whole new meaning.

What to Do When Your Partner Hates Exercise

And I'm (mostly) fine with it. I swear.

The Best Way to Start Exercising Again After Being Sick

Stuck in bed sick for a week and feeling anxious to work out? Start here.

These Breathing Techniques Will Change the Way You Exercise

Boosting your gym time is as simple as hacking your inhale-exhale.

How You Reward Yourself for Working Out Majorly Effects Your Motivation

And no, we don't just mean getting a deal on a fancy new pair of yoga pants.

How to Keep Yourself from Getting Hurt In Group Workout Classes

When everyone's going HAM, you need to know when to push yourself and when to slow down.

Do Arm Exercises In Workout Classes Like Barre and Spinning Count As Strength Training?

Because lifting those 1-pound weights during cycling feels like hell.

If You Don't Run But Want to, This Guide Is for You

Whether you're more used to the couch than the treadmill or you've been on a long running hiatus, use these tips to help you get started.