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fitness tips

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How Jen Widerstrom Talks Herself Through a Tough Workout

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Why Can't I See My Abs?

Maybe they're hiding in the kitchen.

An Open Letter to Every Runner Who Thinks She Can't Run Long Distances

This is an open letter to all you runners who think they can't do long distances.

How to Ride Harder and Faster In Spin Class

Speed and resistance don't need to be mutually exclusive.

An Open Letter to Women Who Are Afraid of the Weight Room

Are you really going to let a little iron intimidate you? Didn't think so.

How to Get a Flat Stomach Without Exercise

These lifestyle tweaks do more than crunches ever could

Why You and Your S.O. Should Work Out Together JLo and ARod Style

Experts say getting fitter together can improve other areas of your relationship, too.

Why Focusing On One Thing Will Make You a Better Athlete

Why simplifying your workouts will yield better results.

The Science Behind the Afterburn Effect

It's said that your body will burn calories and fat for days after a tough HIIT workout.