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Why Do I Feel More Toned When I Haven't Worked Out In a While?

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What to Do When Your Partner Hates Exercise

And I'm (mostly) fine with it. I swear.

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How You Reward Yourself for Working Out Majorly Effects Your Motivation

And no, we don't just mean getting a deal on a fancy new pair of yoga pants.

How to Keep Yourself from Getting Hurt In Group Workout Classes

When everyone's going HAM, you need to know when to push yourself and when to slow down.

Do Arm Exercises In Workout Classes Like Barre and Spinning Count As Strength Training?

Because lifting those 1-pound weights during cycling feels like hell.

If You Don't Run But Want to, This Guide Is for You

Whether you're more used to the couch than the treadmill or you've been on a long running hiatus, use these tips to help you get started.

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Today is the beginning of whatever you want.

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Experts serve up some #realtalk on how to make it from Thanksgiving through New Year's.