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fitness trends

6 Workouts You Need to Get Over a Breakup

Muscles (and endorphins) are the best medicine.

I Exercised Like My Wife for a Month...and Only Collapsed Twice

What's it like being the only guy in a fitness class full of women? As one man learned, that's not the hard part.

The Scary Truth About Electrical Stimulation Workouts

This is one workout fad we don't suggest you try.

These Disney Princess Workout Quotes Serve Up Some Serious #RealTalk

Look like a Beauty, train like a Beast, and sleep like Aurora

Tracking Your Fitness Just Got Even Easier (And Maybe More Fun)

Amazon's Alexa and Fitbit have teamed up for hand-free progress updates

Cool Co-Ords to Crush Your Workouts In

Matching sets are officially back in style! Now, bring spring’s hottest fashion trend to the gym with these looks.

Fit Girl Snapchat Accounts You Need to Be Following

Fit-lebrity squats and post-workout snacks in real time.

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge Could Be the Secret to Workout Success

They're taking over the internet—and for good reason.

14 Signs Your Relationship Is #FitCoupleGoals

There's a special magic that comes with getting sweaty with your swolemate (outside the sheets).

5 Next-Level Fit Tech Devices We Found at CES

These new gadgets can replace everything from your sneakers to your personal trainer

The 14 Stages of Starting a New Workout Program

For all the BeachBody, CrossFit, SoulCycle, Couch to 5K (or any other kind of fitness program!) addicts out there—we understand.

Fitbit Just Announced a Next-Level Smart Watch

Has the Apple Watch finally met its fitness tracker rival?

Are 'Tech Tats' the Next Wave of Fitness Trackers?

Tech tats can give you the inside scoop on your insides.

What We Learned from the Atkins Diet, the Shake Weight, and 9 Other Health Trends of the Past

Because we know you're wondering: Does the Thighmaster work at all?

And the Biggest Fitness Trends In 2016 Will Be…

See which newcomer to the annual survey took the number one spot.

The Full-Body Rowing Workout to Burn a Crapload of Calories

Ready to burn a crapload of calories? Get rowing!

Who Are the Healthiest 2016 Presidential Candidates?

We've seen how they handle themselves in a debate, but who would win in the gym?

Workout Clothes That Double As Wearable Tech

Forget the wristband—now your workout clothes can track your fitness.

4 Reasons Why Adventure Travel Is Worth Your PTO

Add a little active fun to your itinerary and you’ll return home stronger, leaner, and totally calm.