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fitness trends

Hitting the Gym Is the Hottest New Weekend Activity

Sort of. But that doesn't mean you need to give up your cocktails.

We Love This Sleek and Subtle Activity Tracker Ring

It's sleek, subtle, and comes in ROSE GOLD, you guys.

This Woman's Fitness Tracker Helped Her Realize She Had a Life-Threatening Condition

"If I didn't have a Fitbit on my wrist, I would never have known that my heart rate was getting dangerously high."

I Exercised Like a Mermaid and Definitely Didn't Hate It

~~ Flipping your fins you don't get too far ~~

Why Everyone Needs to Stop Saying Leggings Aren't Pants

Take your anti-stretch pants argument and share it with someone who cares

The Science Behind the Afterburn Effect

It's said that your body will burn calories and fat for days after a tough HIIT workout.

What Exactly Is Visceral Manipulation (Organ Massage) and Is It Safe?

You can keep your fingers off my gallbladder, thanks.

The New Fitbit Alta HR Is Super Functional and Actually Cute

Finally—a tracker that amps up your workout but *doesn't* get in the way.

Why I Refuse to Commit to One Workout Program—Even If It Means I'll Suck at Stuff

I know it means I'll never be *great* at anything—but who cares?

The 5 Biggest Fitness Trends to Watch For In 2017

Will ClassPass reign supreme, or will big-box gyms make a comeback? Only 2017 will tell.

Group Fitness Not Your Thing? This Might Explain Why

Those super-popular classes aren't for everyone, and that's totally OK.

Is ClassPass Worth It If It's Not Unlimited?

Is it still worth it? We did the math.

Flattering Color Blocking Pieces to Add to Your Workout Wardrobe ASAP

These clothes will keep you sleek, colorful, and fabulous.

These Benefits of Hiking Will Make You Want to Hit the Trails

There are sooo many more benefits to hiking than that awesome Instagram

Want to Try Rock Climbing? Here's What You Need to Know

Get climbing for one of the most thrilling (and effective!) workouts you could imagine.

Why Do We Love Torturously Tough Workouts So Much?

These fitness classes push your brain and body to the max.

Fitbit Has Officially Gone Wayyy Past Counting Steps

And the new gadgets look insanely chic.