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fitness trends

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They're taking over the internet—and for good reason.

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The 14 Stages of Starting a New Workout Program

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Tech tats can give you the inside scoop on your insides.

What We Learned from the Atkins Diet, the Shake Weight, and 9 Other Health Trends of the Past

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And the Biggest Fitness Trends In 2016 Will Be…

See which newcomer to the annual survey took the number one spot.

The Full-Body Rowing Workout to Burn a Crapload of Calories

Ready to burn a crapload of calories? Get rowing!

Who Are the Healthiest 2016 Presidential Candidates?

We've seen how they handle themselves in a debate, but who would win in the gym?

Workout Clothes That Double As Wearable Tech

Forget the wristband—now your workout clothes can track your fitness.

4 Reasons Why Adventure Travel Is Worth Your PTO

Add a little active fun to your itinerary and you’ll return home stronger, leaner, and totally calm.

New Wearable Technology Could Replace Your Old FItness Tracker

The next era of fitness wearables promises to actually improve your health, not just track it.

What the Heck Is Bubble Ball?

Wearable, inflatable balls are blowing up right now. Here's the lowdown on the hilarious new sport that's mixing soccer and bumper cars.

The Health Benefits of Shinrin-Yoku

This new wellness trend turns your backyard into your spa.

Should You Be Worried About Wearing Shapewear?

Good news: Spanx won't kill you. But some shapewear and compression garmets, like waist training corsets, could compromise your health

"Fat Yoga" Tailors Yoga Classes to Plus-Size Women

New classes designed for people of all sizes prove that every body is yoga body.

Are Personalized Fitness Assessments Worth It?

The latest fitness fad is pricey—but some say it's the key to taking your exercise routine to the next level.

10 Stylish Sports Watches for Women

Who knew Marc Jacobs and more had such a sporty streak?

Cool Co-Ords to Crush Your Workouts In

Matching sets are officially back in style! Now, bring spring’s hottest fashion trend to the gym with these looks.