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You Need to See These Cliff Diving Photos Taken During the Solar Eclipse

red bull eclipse diveThe clock is ticking; 21-year-old Australian Helena Merten has 58 seconds and just one chance at executing a perfect dive from a 66-foot-high platform into a 30,000-gallon water tank. There aren't any judges or competitors—just her, photographer Dustin Snipes, and what's being called the eclipse of the century.

Online Retailer 11 Honoré Launches as a Destination for Plus-Size High Fashion

If you're familiar with the plus fashion market, you know that it's desperately in need of *options.* While there definitely are some super-cute lines available in an inclusive range of sizes, there are not nearly as many choices as there should be. Case in point: When bloggers Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason launched their insanely cute plus-size clothing line Premme, their website crashed because demand was so high. Clearly, when great clothes are made in all sizes, people will buy them.

C9 Champion Power Core Compression Racerback Sports Bra

This funky bright sports bra is the opposite of boring, but it can easily be styled with your favorite black leggings. ($17;

Photo: Target

C9 Champion Run Sheer Shirt

Basic workout tees are great for pairing with louder leggings, but this one brings something extra to the table by being semi-sheer—making it the ideal way to show off that colorful new sports bra you just got. ($17;

Photo: Target

C9 Champion Freedom Leggings

These leggings are proof that you can still get in on the cutout activewear trend without wearing anything too revealing—unless you want to, of course! ($25;

(Up for something more daring? Here are six fun and stylish ways to wear cutouts.)

Photo: Target