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food safety

5 Things You You Need to Know About Listeria

Listeria is a serious disease—but the recent nationwide recall won't hurt you if you play it smart.

The Starbucks Recall Alert: What You Need to Know

The coffee chain has pulled some bad breakfast sandwiches from 250 stores around the country.

In-N-Out Burger Announces Plans to Serve Antibiotic-Free Meat

Because no one wants a burger with a side of "superbug".

Your Guide to Buying The Healthiest Eggs

Take notes from a farmer on how to find the best eggs for your buck.

Is There Mold In Your Coffee?

Caffeinate with caution.

There May Be Tiny Pieces of Plastic In Your Sea Salt

Your favorite spice may be contaminated with tiny plastic particles—yum!

Your Carbs Might Give You Cancer

Back awaaay from the bread.

Asking for a Friend: Can I Eat Moldy Food?

Seems like food safety 101, but our expert says you don't always have to toss food just because it's moldy.

5 Things You Didn't Know About GMO Foods

Get the scoop on these controversial foods.

The 4 Latest Food Recalls You Need To Know About

It's been the week of food recalls! Here's the lowdown.

The Scary Truth About BPA-Free Plastics

Manufacturers are phasing out BPA—but the replacement compounds can be harmful too. Here’s how to stay safe.

You May Be at Risk for Retired Husband Syndrome, Why You Should Bring Preschool Artwork on Your Next Job Interview, and R.I.P. B.K.S. Iyengar

Yep, it’s an actual condition, Italian researchers say. Plus, check if your almond butter was recalled and more must-know health news from the week.

Compound Found in French Fries and Coffee May Increase Risk of Cancer

A European group is warning about a scary danger of eating fries, bread, coffee, and other browned foods.

"Pink Slime" Returns Just in Time for Grilling Season

Just in time for grilling season, the controversial meat product is making a comeback.

How Safe Are Nanomaterials in Your Food?

As nanomaterials become more common in food, how can you be sure you’re safe since these ingredients aren’t listed on labels?

Mad Cow Disease Pops Up in the U.S. with Fourth Confirmed Death

Rare but fatal, Mad Cow has recently claimed another U.S. victim. Here's how to protect yourself from this deadly disease.

New "Electronic Nose" Sniffs for Food Poisoning

A new "electronic nose" claims to take the dread out of dinner by scanning your food to make sure it's safe.

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Last Word on Soy Protein Isolate

A lot has been said about soy—good and bad. Get the bottom line before you make your next protein shake.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Benefits of Sprouted Grains

Trendy germinated grains, nuts, and beans are said to have more nutrients—but is the difference that big of a deal?

McDonald's Sponsors Nutrition Convention

And has experts (and us!) wondering: Is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is being taken over by Big Food?

Kellogg Agrees to Drop "All Natural" Label From Kashi

The brand’s debacle highlights a bigger problem: There's no actual definition for what makes a product "all natural."

The Latest on the Mango Recall, How Coffee Protects Your Eyes, and Why Seeing Jesus Is Totally Normal

Read this before you buy the sweet tropical fruit! Plus: Why seeing faces in food is totally normal. Really.