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Coffee and Tea: The Two Secret Flavor-Boosting Ingredients

Coffee and tea are the two flavor-boosting ingredients that are exciting chefs these days. The perks? A robustness and complexity that'll make your dishes daring and delicious. Plus, the brews' antioxidants are megahealthy. Here, inspired recipes that will shake up—and wake up—your palate. (More good news: Coffee and Tea Are Super Good for You)

Photo: Sang An

Sophia Bush

Last year, the Chicago P.D. star and self-proclaimed major foodie got a chance to collaborate with celebrity chef Michael Symon to create two comfort food recipes during a local food festival.

Photo: Instagram

Jourdan Dunn

Head to Jourdan Dunn's Instagram account and, amid her stunning modeling shots, you'll find occasional pictures of meals that look like they came from a swanky restaurant. But they're actually homemade. #WellDunn, indeed.

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Blake Lively

Blake Lively's husband, Ryan Reynolds, may have thrown his wife under the bus by saying fellow actor Jake Gyllenhaal is a better cook than she is—but judging by her Instagram alone, we'd venture to say she's doing a pretty good job in the kitchen. She even tackled a homemade biscuit recipe for a drool-worthy mixed berry shortcake.

Photo: Instagram

Sofía Vergara

Sofía Vergara doesn't just play a character who can cook on Modern Family. The actress also whips up a thing or two in real life. Her Instagram is filled with things she's making or delicious food she's eating—and if you think a body like hers doesn't indulge, this recent date-night pizza shot should tell you different.

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