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Lais Oliveira

In case you needed proof that VS Pink's cotton hipster undies are still very much in.

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Save for the stilettos, stuffed animal dogs, and pink furry bomber, this look—featuring color-blocked strappy leggings and matching sports bra—is one we'd totally rock to yoga.

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Luma Grothe

Getting major cool-girl vibes from this cropped sweatshirt, boy short, and beanie combo.

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Zuri Tibby

BRB while we figure out how to get our hands on this oversized pink satin bow/hat combo. (P.S. If cropped isn't your style, you can snag a full-length version of the sweatshirt on the VS website now.)

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Xiao Wen

These millennial-pink and silver metallic track shorts got added to our holiday wishlist the second we saw them. (Check out our gift guide for more workout clothes made for the trendy, boutique fitness lover.)

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