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Order Up... Acne Treatments

One of the most annoying things about dealing with sensitive or acne-prone skin is all the trial and error it takes to find a skin-care solution that works. But Curology ($20 a month, lets you skip that step. Simply take a quick questionnaire about your medical history, skin-care goals, and current regimen, snap some photos of your skin and upload them to the app, and get a prescription skin treatment customized for you by a derm. It'll be shipped to your front door, with refills sent every three months. As you use it the app lets you keep track of your progress so you and your doc can fine-tune the cream as needed—you get unlimited online consultations.

Photo: Instagram/curology

Order Up... Contact Lenses

Hitting the bottom of your contact lens box on a day you really don't want to resort to your backup glasses is always frustrating. (One of the things I learned when I got contacts as an adult.) And avoidable, thanks to services like Hubble ($30 a month or $264 a year, All you need to subscribe to the service, which claims its lenses are half the price of competitors, is a prescription. Another plus: The first box is free.

Photo: Hubble

Order Up... Tampons

When you're already feeling crampy or bloated, the last thing you want to do is head to the drugstore for a box of tampons or pads. That's why we're thanking our lucky stars for LOLA (from $9, First, choose between tampons (with or without applicators), pads, and liners. Then, pick the combo that works for you—do you want three light tampons, 12 regulars, and two supers, and one super+? Done. Then pick how often you want them sent to your door. Easy! Even better, everything is made from 100 percent organic cotton.

Photo: LOLA

Order Up... A Doctor

House calls are making a comeback, thanks to a growing number of apps that bring doctors into your home. Many of these fall into the category of telemedicine apps: They let you speak to a doctor via video chat, text chat, or voice chat rather than going for an in office visit. But Pager is different. In participating locations (New York, Florida, and Texas), you can use the app to request a home visit from a real, live doctor. The MDs can even deliver prescriptions to you. Perfect for those times when you're feeling so sick you really don't want to leave the house. (Nurse chats are free, teleconsults with MDs are $50, and an urgent care visit is $150.)

Photo: Pager

Order Up... Toothbrushes

Every so often I look at my toothbrush head and come to the jarring realization that it's looking the worse for wear—and that I haven't changed it in probably half a year. (Could your electric toothbrush injure you?) Not ideal. Luckily, Quip, an electronic toothbrush delivery service, takes care of that problem for me. After ordering a starter pack (from $25, that comes with an electric toothbrush, a toothbrush head, a travel cover, and two sizes of toothpaste, you can sign up for a refill plan (from $5), which will send you new toothbrush heads and toothpaste every three months. So you never have to have another moment of "OMG I've been brushing my teeth with that?"

Photo: Quip