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hair tips

How to Dye Your Hair the Healthy Way

Gorgeous hair color with less damage

What Happens When Hair Dye Goes Wrong

Henna is thought to be a safe, natural alternative to boxed haircolor kits—so why did one woman have a severe allergic reaction to it?

These Hat Hair Solutions Will Change Your Winter

The only steps you need to take to beat static, grease, and limp hair this winter.

How to Shave an Hour Off of Your Beauty Routine

There's no reason you should spend hours getting ready each morning.

Can You Really Get an Infection From Your Hair Tie?!

Derms dish on whether or not you really need to be worried.

Why Losing My Hair Scared Me More Than Breast Cancer

"Based on the pictures online, I was going to look terrible."

Can You Get Rid of Oily Hair...for Good?

And no, we're not just talking about dry shampoo.

9 Ways to Guarantee You'll Leave the Salon Loving Your Haircut

Follow this expert advice and you'll never leave the salon unhappy again.

How to Wash Your Hair—the Lazy Way

Bonus: It’s great for your locks.

The Worst Hairstyles for Hair Health

Your go-to 'do can lead to a bald spot.

How to Do Your Hair After a Sweaty Workout

What to do when your hair's a sweaty mess.

12 Hair Habits Distressing Your Strands

The way you wash, dry, style, and live could be what's causing your hair despair.

Easy Hairstyles to Boost a Second-Day Blowout

Your second-day hair can be just as gorgeous as a fresh blowout—really!

12 Foods You Can Put in Your Hair

Your next hair treatment is waiting in your kitchen.

The Easiest Trick Ever for Frizz-Free Hair

It takes just two minutes. Seriously.

The Case for Cold Showers

A hot, steamy shower can be a place of solace, but experts say there are serious perks to going cold.

How to Tame Your Flyaways

Follow this clever hair tip to get rid of flyaways. You'll never have a bad hair day again!

10 Workout Hair Accessories That Actually Work

Keep your mane under control while looking cool with cute hair accessories made with fitness in mind.

How to Lighten Your Hair Color

Platinum blonde color is having a major moment (thanks Kim K.). These expert tips will help you gradually lighten your locks.

How to Use Dry Shampoo for Beautiful Hair In Any Sitch

For active girls on the go, dry shampoo can seriously save a bad hair day—as long as you're not messing it up.