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half marathon training

15 Half Marathons You Should Sign Up for ASAP

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The Hands-Down *Best* Signs from the 2016 MORE/SHAPE Half Marathon

You'll laugh and smile your way through the finish line

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3 Running Lessons I'll Take to My Next Race

@AliOnTheRun1’s journey to the Brooklyn Half is over and while her finish wasn’t as strong as she hoped, she was able to take away a few valuable lessons.

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From pre-race shopping to a post-race meal, @AliOnTheRun1 shares the reasons she's most excited to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

5 Things I Learned While Half-Marathon Training

From discovering that freezing cold runs aren't so bad to the motivational power of a deadline, Shape's nutrition editor shares what she learned on her road to the Brooklyn Half.

What's Running Through My Head Before Race Day

@AliOnTheRun1 shares what's running through her head two weeks before the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

4 Nutrition Rules to Combat Running-Induced Hunger

To find the best way to stay energized before, during, and after a run, Shape's nutrition editor sought out some expert advice.

Why Running Goals Shouldn't Just Be About Being Fast

With the Brooklyn Half-Marathon weeks away, AliOnTheRun1 is determined to finish strong—whether or not she beats her personal running record.

Why You Should Run a Pre-Race Before Your Big Race

Run a 10K before the upcoming Brooklyn Half Marathon? Shape's nutrition editor did it—and highly recommends it.

Would You Run Twice in One Day?

Shape's nutrition editor doubled up on her half marathon training runs and experienced a surprising epiphany.

The Amazing Benefit of Running with a Friend

@AliOnTheRun1 describes the love/hate relationship she has with her faster, fitter running buddy.

"The Phrase That Powers Me Through Tough Runs"

Our nutrition editor shares the personal mantra that powers her through her toughest runs.

Why Race Spectating Can Benefit Your Training Plan

According to @AliOnTheRun1, standing on the marathon sidelines is incredibly motivating when it comes to your race training.

What to Do When Your Training Plan Needs to Change

@AliOnTheRun1 shares what to do when your training plan suddenly doesn't suit your lifestyle.

How to Survive Long Runs While Marathon Training

Shape's nutrition editor pushed past her comfort zone and lived to tell the tale.

10-Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule

Get race-ready in just 10 weeks with this official training schedule from the esteemed running organization.

The Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing Up for a Race

After one too many races, @AliOnTheRun1 had to ask herself these important questions before committing to her next half-marathon.

How to Train for a Half Marathon in the Middle of a Horrible Winter

Our nutrition editor shares how she's maintaing her half marathon training plan—despite the arctic weather.

"How I Plan to Tackle My First Big Race"

Follow along as Marnie Soman Schwartz blogs her journey to the Brooklyn Half Marathon finish line.

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5 Tips to Run Negative Splits For Positive Results

Train your body to start slow so you can finish faster (and happier!).

Run Faster, Longer, Stronger, and Injury-Free

This infographic of the best running form cues will help you move more fluidly and efficiently whether you’re a casual runner or marathon addict.

Your Mental Marathon Training Plan

Prepping your body for a race is only half the battle—here’s how to ready your brain to face 26.2 miles too.