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What Is Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is the latest vegan food craze, thanks to it's role as an alternative to meat. You'll find tons of recipes for pulled "pork" jackfruit or a variety of jackfruit tacos, but this versatile fruit can disguise itself in so many ways. It tastes relatively plain when raw, so jackfruit (which has a kind of intimidating thick, nubby green skin) lends itself to whatever flavors you throw at it. Find it at special grocery stores, or in the canned fruit section of many supermarkets. Vegan or not, you're going to love what jackfruit can do in your kitchen. (And stock up on these 11 Vegan Superfoods to Add to Any Meal.)

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Yeast Infections Linked to Mental Health Issues In a New Study

Yeast infections—which are caused by a treatable overgrowth of a certain type of naturally-occurring fungus called Candida in your body—can be a real b*tch. Hello itchy, burning lady parts. Most often we hear about yeast infections occurring vaginally, but you can actually get the same type of bacterial infection in your skin, nails, or mouth. Even men aren't immune, and yeast infections can be transmitted sexually. Not cute.

10 Seriously Cute Workout Capris

Nike Pro Hypercool Tidal Multi Women's Training Capris

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These Nike Pro Hypercool workout capris ($50; are definitely getting added to the closet. We love the mesh panels that help you stay cool and dry through your morning run.

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Under Armour HeatGear Armour - Printed 18" Women's Capri

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This vibrant aqua pair from Under Armour ($40; will complete your workout capri collection. That print—we're obsessed.

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Cyrene Yoga Capri

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The Cyrene Yoga capri from Gaiam ($48; is great for so much more than just your sunrise yoga sesh. Rock these at the gym or to run errands and you'll be getting compliments through your entire day.

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Nike Legendary Tight Women's Training Capri

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Don't be afraid to go big and bold with your workout wardrobe. Pick up this Nike Legendary Tight ($60; and make a huge statement at the gym.

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Adidas Women's Training TF Tap Glo Tri

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Anyone up for a little pattern play? This Cap Glo training capri from Adidas ($45; features a print that packs a serious punch.

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RBX Women's Geo Stripe Capri Legging

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This inexpensive RBX pair from Target ($28; is a great choice for those just discovering their activewear addiction. Wear it to crush that cardio workout and then brunch with your family right after.

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alo Yoga Airbrush Capri - Engineered Print

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Glow-in-the-dark capris? Oh, you need them. The Airbursh Capri from alo Yoga ($84; will ensure that you'll be seen during that late night jog.

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Adidas Women's Training Ultimate Fit Three-Quarter City Tights

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For those of you dreaming of that big city skyline, this pair goes out to you. We think Adidas created the Ultimate Fit Three-Quarter City Tights ($45; in a New York state of mind.

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Calvin Klein White Label Performance High-Waist Space-Dye Cropped Legging

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Feel like keeping it simple for your workout? Skip the bold patterns and reach for this sleek Calvin Klein Space-Dye cropped legging ($50;

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Under Armour HeatGear Armour 17" - Novelty Women's Capris

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We are living for this super lightweight capri from Under Armour ($24; That pop of coral on our quads is just what we needed.

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