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Sarah Jessica Parker Speaks Out Against EpiPen Price Hike

The recent and drastic price hike of the lifesaving injectable allergy medicine, EpiPen, caused nothing short of a firestorm against the drug's manufacturer, Mylan, this week. Since they began manufacturing EpiPen, the price has risen by almost 550 percent, an astonishing markup from the $57 it started at when the company first acquired the rights to sell the medication in 2007. Now, that very same drug would cost you more than $600.

Coconut Lavender Lemonade

Coconut basically makes everything better, so why not add it to a Coconut Lavender Lemonade cocktail? This pretty purple drink uses fresh lavender simple syrup and coconut water to make a boozy treat that packs a healthy punch. (Really—here are the benefits of drinking coconut water.)

Photo: Confectionalism

Rose and Terragon Gin Lemonade

This gorgeous Rose and Tarragon Gin Lemonade takes evening cocktails to next-level chic. Bright gin, sprigs of fresh tarragon, ice, sparkling rose lemonade, and rose petals (to make it look pretty, obvs) come together for a quick cocktail that's much easier to make (and drink) than it looks.

Photo: Heather Christo

Grown-Up Pink Lemonade

Sometimes you want a kiddie-style cocktail with the hardness of an adult-only beverage. Introducing the Grown-Up Pink Lemonade—all the sweetness and cutesy color of your average pink lemonade, with the added sophistication of vodka and triple sec. What's not to love?

Photo: Or Whatever You Do

Earl Grey Infused Vodka and Lemonade

Forget spiced Arnold Palmer or Long Island Iced Teas (because there's not even any tea in that last one anyway). This quick and easy Earl Grey Lemonade cocktail puts a fancy spin on spiked tea. (And If you're a fan of brewing and boozing, give this Cozy and Comforting Green Tea Cocktail a try.)

Photo: Recipe Fiction