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When they made it a team affair

While our personal favorite will always be the individual women's competition (because #girlpower), it's pretty inspiring to watch the CrossFit teams go at it as well. If there's one way to sand sprint to/from a 500m ocean swim, it's holding hands with your teammates.

Photo: @reebok Instagram

When they made average sled-pushes look wimpy

Like sled-pushes on steroids, this "Snail Push" requires athletes to push a giant drum filled with sandbags 40 feet across the field (a new event at this year's Games). Here, athlete Carly Fuhrer pushes through to take 33rd in the event.

Photo: @crossfitgames Instagram

When they crushed the final day with American Ninja Warrior-level stuff

Think American Ninja Warrior skills are reserved for the people you see on TV? These peg board ascents—part of the final CrossFit Games workout called "Redemption"—show that these ladies are just as skilled, if not more. Watch the full video to see the serious strength these ladies have.

Photo: @cleverhandz Instagram