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The Real Reason You Can't Orgasm When You're Drunk

Tequila might make your clothes come off, beer might give you a happy buzz, whiskey might make you stupid, and wine might open up your heart, but there's one thing that all alcohol has in common: it can get in the way of that elusive late-night, drunk-sex orgasm.

Do You Burn More Calories In the Winter or Summer?

Among the many, many, many reasons I love summer is the fact that, in my mind, it's my best-looking season. My hair bleaches out a little, I get a tan on (despite the SPF, I'm not a madwoman), and for whatever reason, I always seem to drop a few pounds without consciously doing a thing. Vanity! Not even ashamed.

I generally assumed the last perk was a result of the heat. You know, I'm sweating, my body temp is up, I must be burning a few extra calories during my usual exercise sessions. Thank you, summer!

9 Reasons Every Runner Needs to Do Hill Training

Let's face it, hills aren't exactly known as a runner's best friend. You probably avoid them because, well, they're tiring and can turn a light 30-minute jog into utter exhaustion.

"Most people, particularly new runners, avoid hills," says Sean Fortune, a former NCAA distance coach & USA Track and Field level II certified distance coach. "I always recommend people seek them out because it's going to be harder but [will ultimately] make you stronger."