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Get Your Chaturanga On Together

Go for a sweaty Bikram yoga session together, or head to that free outdoor boot camp class you've been meaning to try. Whether you're working out at home or in a class, stay close so you can listen to each others' breathing. "When you start paying attention to your partner's breath you become more aware of them and their body and more in tune with them in a whole new and deeper way," says Patrick Mason, a yoga instructor at TruFusion in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Try to keep pace with each other during transitions to create a more intimate connection."

Photo: @trufusion

Try a New Kind of Foreplay

You may be quick to jump straight to your partner's hot spots, but yogis would urge you to slow down and consciously explore other areas of the body. "Caress each others' arms, inside the elbows, behind the knees, inside the thighs, and in between the toes," says Lewis. This becomes extremely erotic and turns regular foreplay into a different kind of arousal.

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Ban Phones from the Bedroom

You'd be hard-pressed to find a yoga instructor who breaks the no-phones-in-bed policy. "Nothing kills a moment like a push notification," says yoga instructor Rupa Mehta of the Nalini Method. You'll be amazed at what a big impact a tech break (even for an hour!) can have on your ability to connect. "Healthy bodies and healthy minds make for healthy relationships," says Mehta.

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Come Back Faster When You Feel Alone

Everyone has days or even weeks where they feel a little removed or just not in the mood to connect with their partner (or anyone really). It's totally normal! But when that happens, or even if you feel it coming on, there's a simple move you can do to feel more grounded and focus on your partnership, says Nidhi Huba, a yoga instructor at Menla Mountain Retreat Center. Take your right thumb to the base of your left ring finger and close your left fingers forming a fist. Place your fist on your hips and push down on the hip bone with your spine straight as you face your partner. They will do the same thing. This helps to align your hearts and acts as an instant destresser. (Next you can try this Couples Yoga Routine Your Guy Will Actually Love.)

Photo: @MenlaMountain