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Otherwild The Future Is Female T-shirt


Donation: 25% of proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

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The Femme Fight

No matter how you're feeling in the wake of the election, there's no denying the feminist roar that's surging throughout the country.

Women of all races and ages have raised their voices in solidarity, sending a rallying cry to round the troops and fight for our gender's hard-won rights—no matter what our president-elect might think.

Statement-making clothing—like a white pantsuit or a tank emblazoned with a feminist mantra—is one way to make your opinion known, and this season there's no shortage of options. But if you really want to put your money where your mouth is, look for a tote, tee, or hat that gives back.

The pieces that follow will not only flaunt your feminist views (and make rad holiday gifts), but they also donate a large portion of proceeds to charities that benefit nasty women and girl bosses alike, from Planned Parenthood to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

And if it seems like an insignificant contribution, remember: Change starts small. So why not get the ball rolling in style?

Scroll down to see seven feminist fashion pieces whose proceeds help fight for women's rights.

Photo: Well + Good


Want your smoothie bowl to taste like pie? Cinnamon adds a slightly sweet flavor to your smoothie, complementing the taste of the fruit and other superfood ingredients. Have a study session coming up? Be sure to feature this ingredient in your smoothie bowl. The smell of cinnamon can help boost your memory.

This spice can also help control blood sugar levels and may improve heart health. Keeping blood sugar in check isn't only important for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes, but can help lower insulin levels to prevent your body from storing belly fat.

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100% Orange Juice

Add some natural sweetness to your smoothie bowl with 100 percent orange juice. There are no added sugars, plus 100 percent OJ is an excellent source of vitamin C, phytochemicals and other potential disease-fighting nutrients. Dietitian tip: Make sure your juice is 100% orange juice and not orange "drink," "punch," "cocktail" or "-ade," sneaky ways to say "added sugar."

Want your smoothie bowl to taste like a creamsicle? Blend 100 percent OJ with almond milk, Greek yogurt and ice for tasty (and healthy) way to start your morning.

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Sweet Potato

You may think of sweet potatoes as fries rather than as smoothie material, but the sweet flavor and smooth texture make cooked sweet potato perfect in your smoothie bowl.

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A, with half a sweet potato providing 150 percent of your daily requirements. Vitamin A helps keep your immune system strong and your eyes healthy. Pro tip: The richer the orange color of your sweet potato, the more vitamin A it contains.

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