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This Woman Is Transforming Her 'Flaws' Into Works of Art

We all have days when we feel insecure and uncomfortable about certain parts of our body, but body positive artist Cinta Tort Cartró (@zinteta) is here to remind you that you don't need to feel that way. Rather than dwelling on her so called "flaws," the 21-year-old is transforming them into rainbow colored works of art, hoping to empower other women.

Why Jessica Alba Isn't Afraid of Aging

You might assume Jessica Alba would be content with her successful billion-dollar Honest Company empire. But with the introduction of Honest Beauty (now available at Target), she proved that with her business savvy, there's no category (even one as competitive as the beauty industry) that she can't tackle. And it's not the only area of growth for the actress and businesswoman—Jessica just announced she's pregnant with baby number three.