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What Training for a Long Race Really Does to Your Legs

Going the distance and running your first marathon or half-marathon this year? Training for long races, which of course includes, long runs, puts a lot of stress on your body, and particularly on the muscles and tendons of your legs, says Julie Khan, a physical therapist at The Hospital for Special Surgery, the official hospital of the TCS New York City Marathon. "How much damage occurs is very much related to your level of experience and overall fitness," says Khan.

Hate HIIT? Science Says Music Might Make It Way More Bearable

Everyone has a different workout personality—some people like the ~zen~ of yoga, some like that focused burn of barre and Pilates, while others could live off their runner's high for days or lift heavy until their muscles are Jell-O. No matter how you get sweaty, it's good for your body. But there's one form of exercise—high-intensity interval training—that proves to be crazy beneficial, time and time again. (Here are the eight benefits of HIIT that will get you hooked.)

Edible DIY Beauty Products to Make At Home

If you're looking to make the switch to a more green beauty routine, there are a ton of natural beauty products out there that are chemical-free and effective. But if you prefer to go the DIY route, you can also make your skincare and makeup products yourself using products you already have in your kitchen.