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Feel Super Sexy: Pole Dancing

You know how turning on some Beyoncé can transform your blah, downer mood into insane confidence? Consider pole to be the workout equivalent.

"It's really easy to get obsessive (hello, Facebook stalking...) and drown in your own grief during a break-up," says Kelly McLaughlin, an instructor at Body & Pole. "It can be hard to be kind to yourself. Challenging your brain and body with learning something like pole doesn't leave much space to have another focus. A pole class is the perfect 'time-out' to gift yourself that leaves you feeling refreshed, accomplished and like a f*cking warrior! Who doesn't want that kind of conversation with yourself?"

Photo: Courtesy Body + Pole

Reconnect with Yourself: Yoga

Yoga is all about getting zen and finding your center—which can really help when that heart hole deep in your core is what hurts the most. Bhakti yoga, a more devotional and traditional form, is specifically good for getting over a breakup, says yoga instructor Heidi Kristoffer. Why?

First, Kristoffer says, we store emotional baggage in our hips, so a yoga practice with hip opening poses allows the release of all of that excess garbage that you don't need to (but usually try to) hold on to.

A good yoga class or teacher reminds you that you are enough: as you are, without anything or anyone else. It's a huge help to those who feel incomplete without a partner that they are complete and enough as is.

Kristoffer also says arm balances in yoga show you that you are strong enough to hold yourself up with your own two hands. You don't need anyone else!

And, of course, yoga brings you into the present moment. When you're in the here and now, you aren't dwelling on the past or anticipating the future—and that's major weight off some people's chests after a breakup!

Each of these will help on their own, but "put them all together in one class, and it is way better (and cheaper) than therapy, and a whole lot less detrimental than downing a pint of iced cream or half a dozen tequila shots!" she says. (Try this restorative yoga flow from Kristoffer herself.)

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Your Recovery Plan

Breakups suck. If you've never been through one, count yourself lucky and embrace your virgin heart. If you have, well, we feel your pain. But the best part about breakups (because there is an upside, we promise) is that you are suddenly gifted with an excuse to #treatyoself. That can come in the form of ice cream/Netflix couch marathons or a good, hard, Kim K-level ugly cry. Or maybe you just need to eat all the pizza you want, because sometimes that's the best way to "pizza" your heart back together (sorry, we had to).

But once you're passed the wine-and-rom-coms stage, there comes a time to get your shit together, take ownership of your life, and create something amazing to fill this new open space in your life. The best way to fill it? New muscles, hours at the gym, and new gym friends. (After all, exercise has a whole slew of mental health benefits—and that doesn't even include the red-hot revenge body you're sure to get.)

These workouts are perfect for pushing past your emotional discomfort, and creating physical discomfort instead. We asked a crew of trainers and instructors from studios around New York exactly why their type of workout is kickass for kicking heartbreak's ass. Crush each of these, and we bet you'll be feeling more badass than broken-hearted.

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This 20-Minute Cardio Blast Makes the Treadmill Obsolete

There are a million myths out there about how to make cardio work for you, but the most effective burn always comes from combining the best of both worlds. This workout from Grokker will have you pushing through strength and cardio moves to maximize your routine in a short amount of time (and you don't even need any equipment to get started!)