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Ever Wonder What All That Sugar *Really* Does to Your Body?

Here's an honest look at how you body handles the sweet stuff (spoiler alert: not that well).

Research Shows Being Married for Decades Might Alter Your Physiology

Your other half? More like your spitting image, according to science.

11 Stages of Giving Up Sugar That Sugar Addicts Know All Too Well

Kicking a sugar addiction is hard, but it's worth it (it is worth it, right?).

14 Very Real Thoughts You Have While *Trying* to Eat Healthy During the Week

Failure doesn't mean you're a bad person. It just means you're a hungry person.

10 Ways Your Parents Can Screw Up Your Healthy Living Goals

Their eating, sleeping, and workout habits can have a big impact on your own

The Free Weights In Your Gym Have More Bacteria Than a Toilet Seat

Looking for motivation to hit the gym? Look elsewhere.

The Surprising Way Sound Affects How Much You Eat

Put down the headphones and step away from the TV.

How a Bullet Journal Can Help You Reach Your Goals

We're obsessed with bullet journaling! Find out WTF it is, and why you need it in your life!

Mud: The Secret Weapon Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria?

Some clays have antibacterial properties. How to make them work for you

Are You Skinny Fat?

You don't have to be overweight to suffer from some of the issues that come with a high BMI.

What Moving In with Mom and Dad Means for Your Health

What happens when you move back with your original roomies.

Healthy Google Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Find out what it can do, plus see more Google app tricks that make the fit life so much easier.

Scientists Can Now Identify Cancer with Just One Drop of Blood

The new test may help bump cancer from its spot as the number two killer in America.

Cheat Meals Might Be the Reason for Your Weight Gain

One day we’re eating clean and green, the next we’re digging into pork belly and triple-cream cheese.

6 Ways to Bolster Good Gut Bacteria (Besides Eating Yogurt)

Spoiler alert: It helps you reap the same benefits as eating that cup of yogurt does.

Badass Race Car Driver Alexis DeJoria Is Offering Free Mammograms at Her Races

Alexis DeJoria is determined to help her fans beat breast cancer.

Who Are the Healthiest 2016 Presidential Candidates?

We've seen how they handle themselves in a debate, but who would win in the gym?

The Best Skincare Products for a Healthy Hooha

It takes a lot to ensure a healthy (and happy) vagina, but these creams, gels, and powders can help.

Weight Loss Tips from Women Who Work with Junk Food

Because who knows better how hard it is not to indulge in just one more cupcake?

You Have a Cloud of Bacteria Around You All the Time

We are all Pig Pen, embrace your dirty side, say scientists

Millenials Have a Harder Time Losing Weight Than Previous Generations

That sound you just heard was every scale in American being thrown against a wall.

Mapping Public Health Around the World

Google Trends tracks which countries search the most (and the least) for health topics