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2016 Shape Healthy Travel Awards

The most cutting-edge wellness perks to pamper, energize, and inspire you.

How a Fitness Retreat Helped Me Get Out of My Wellness Rut

Marathon training can feel monotonous, but Hawaii can change that.

Why and How Hotels Are Getting Healthier

There's no need to check out of your healthy routine when you check into a hotel.

Columbia Sportswear Is Officially Offering Up the Best Job Ever

They're on the hunt for a new Director of Toughness, so you better get your application in stat

These Gorgeous Vacation Destinations Make Relaxation First Priority

Go beyond the standard spa experience with these offers from around the world

Healthy Eats Worth Traveling For

Let the summer road trip planning begin!

7 Reasons You Should Book a Fit-cation to a Ski Town This Summer

These 7 spots are full of healthy activities.

Natural Mosquito Repellents May Not Actually Protect You

A new study find that certain types may not be effective at all in warding off mosquitos.

Take a "Hot Spring" Break Vacation

Immerse yourself at a mineral-rich thermal spring to help you detoxify, relax and renew.

How to Take a Beach Vacation Without Falling Totally Out of Shape

Your fitness doesn't have to take a break when you do.

How to Run Your Way Through Norway

Running 45 miles across Norway is the trip of a lifetime.

Healthy Travel Guide: Woodstock, Vermont

Shape Up in Woodstock, Vermont

Healthy Travel Guide: Winter Park, Colorado

You don't have to be a skier to shape up in the snow.

Healthy Travel Guide: Park City, Utah

All the inspiration you need to plan your next ski trip.

*This* Is How to Cure Jet Lag Before It Starts

Now THIS is how we like to travel.

5 Nutritionists' Fast Food Orders

Because let's be real: Airport food ain't great.

Healthy Travel Hacks from Your Favorite Celebrities

We've got tips and products from the people who do this whole travel thing for a living.

7 Reasons to Take a Real Winter Vacation

Cold weather has never looked so good. Bring it on, snow!

Healthy Travel Guide: Kona, Hawaii

Swim, bike, run, and hike through the triathlon capital of the world.