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Energy Drinks Could Tank Your Heart Health

Might be time to swap your sips.

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11 Cranberry Recipes to Warm You Up on Cold Fall Days

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It turns out "young at heart" isn't just a phrase.

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The Scary Side Effect of Running In the Heat

For people prone to certain heart problems, the heat could be deadly.

Why Life Expectancy Is Longer for Women Worldwide

A new study finds that it's behavior, not biology, that's responsible for higher death rates for men worldwide.

Why Biological Age Matters More Than Birth Age

Hint: It might be older than your actual age.

What's Up with #BoobsOverBellyButtons and the #BellyButtonChallenge?

Between the #BellyButtonChallenge and #BoobsOverBellyButtons, DIY health exams are popping up all over social media lately (and dishing out faulty advice).

Can a Daily Aspirin Really Prevent Cancer?

New research shows it may help prevent cervical, breast, colon and skin cancers, and yet doctors aren't recommending it for everyone. Why the heck not?

Is Your Heart Strong Enough for Your Run?

Took it easy this winter? Check in with your doctor before getting back into your gym groove.

How Ellie Krieger Gets Dinner on the Table Fast

How the Food Network star whips up dinner in a heartbeat.

Jamba Juice Partners with the American Heart Association

In honor of National Heart Month, Jamba Juice is serving up a good-for-you Energy Bowl that gives back to a worthy cause.

7 Healthy Reasons to Be Drinking Beer

The Super Bowl isn't complete without a cold one. Indulge guilt-free knowing these health benefits.

Why Insomnia Makes Your Blood Pressure Skyrocket

Well, this will keep you up at night—find out why sleep-deprived people have to worry about this health hazard.

Real Women Share Their Daily Sugar Intake and Healthy Eating Habits

Think your sugar intake is healthy? So did these healthy bloggers—until we had them track their food for a week.

The Best Fruits for a Heart-Healthy Diet

Keep your heart healthy by snacking on this helpful produce.

6 Hidden Health Benefits of Yoga

So say Harvard University researchers. Discover how the practice can boost your brain, sex life, immunity, and more

How Your First Period Affects Your Heart Health

The age you got your period may increase your risk for heart disease and stroke. Find out why, and what you can do about it.

Why the Diseases That Are the Biggest Killers Get the Least Attention

The ALS ice bucket challenge has drenched the nation, but take a moment to learn about these surprising diseases that are killing Americans.

Why a Bad Relationship Is Worse Than No Relationship for Your Health

Your on-again, off-again guy is messing with your mind and hurting your heart—literally.