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at-home workouts

At-Home Dance Workouts for When You Just Want to Let Loose

Turn your living room into a dance floor.

The Creative Jump Rope Workout That Burns a Crazy Amount of Calories

If you thought jump roping was child's play, think again

The Killer Gym Towel Workout for Your Arms & Abs

Save your towel to wipe up all the sweat.

This Genius Tabata Toilet Paper Workout Will Make You LOL

It might seem like bathroom humor, but this toilet paper Tabata workout is no joke.

The At-Home Cardio Workout for When It's Too Cold to Go Outside

And also when you don't feel like wearing pants.

Daily Burn Is Making At-Home Workouts Easier Than Ever

If you love the guidance of a trainer-led group fitness class, but have a crazy schedule and like to switch things up, we've got your new go-to.

There's More to Beachbody Than P90X

Check out all Beachbody has to offer to help you get re-motivated and back on that workout grind—no matter your schedule or lifestyle.

The 30-Minute, No-Equipment Workout That Burns 250 Calories

Get sweaty the quick and dirty way with a workout from S10 Training

At-Home Exercise Bikes That Deliver a Killer Workout

Say goodbye to late-cancelation class fees forever

The Shape Slim Down: A science-backed plan with daily recipes, bonus workout moves, and expert advice to to lose 10 pounds in four fast weeks.

A science-backed plan with daily recipes, bonus workout moves, and expert advice to to lose 10 pounds in four fast weeks.

Circuit Training Goes Old School for a Total-Body Burn

Put a fresh spin on old school bodyweight moves.

Free Fitness Classes You Can Take On Periscope

There are officially no excuses to skip the gym.

The 10-Minute Workout That Boosts Your Metabolism Before Bed

Boost your metabolism in less time than it takes to get through your before-bed skincare routine.

Lorna Jane Clarkson's Wake-Up Circuit Workout

Skip the coffee and energize with a workout created by the founder of Lorna Jane Activewear.

11 Exercises to Strength Train Like Tris from Insurgent

Be a badass like Shailene Woodley's butt-kicking character from the Divergent series with these 11 body-toning moves.

This Fit Mom Is Redefining Bodyweight Exercises

Bonus: you don't need kids to do these ingenious moves (although they do make them cuter!).

The Fitness Class Fusion Full-Body Workout

Get the body benefits of all your favorite group fitness classes in one total-body, no-equipment workout.

The Tough New Insanity Workout from Shaun T

The creator of the total-body Insanity workout is back to whip you into shape with his new program, Insanity MAX:30.

10-Minute Yoga Workout for Muscle Tone

Sneak in a workout with this 10-minute yoga routine that will exercise both your mind and body.

Jump Rope Workout: Burn Fat and Tone All Over

Bust out your jump rope and torch calories and sculpt everything in no time.

Jada Pinkett Smith's Look-Hot-From-Behind Butt Workout

The star's personal trainer shares her favorite do-anywhere exercises for a sculpted lower body.

8 Total-Body Exercises to Help You Glide Your Way to a Better Body

You don't need a gym or expensive fitness equipment to sculpt from head to toe.