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Courtney Paul

"I usually wake in a panic at around 4:25, right before by 4:30 alarm, throwing pillows off the bed looking frantically for my phone, thinking I overslept. Since I've always been a morning person, getting out of bed isn't usually an issue for me, especially knowing the Java Goddess (my first lust in the a.m.) is waiting for me! I cue up my hip-hop workout playlist that I've planned the night before while I get dressed in something fierce for the day, and then I blend myself a vegan protein shake before I head to my Uber." —Courtney Paul, creator of CPXperience

Photo: Instagram @mrcourtneypaul

Jaclyn Emerick

"Alarm one goes off around 5. If I can pop right up I will. I find it's easier to get up and go rather than drag it out by snoozing. But if I slept poorly or got to bed later than usual, I'll snooze the five minutes until alarm two goes off and then get right up. (I'm super type A so when my alarm goes off and I have the idea to snooze, I tell myself you're better than that.) Knowing that I'm one of the few people working out before the sun comes up—and well before most other people I know will even wake up—makes me feel like I'm getting something out of the day that everyone else is missing out on. And really, getting up at 5 and working out before 6 is just totally badass. People notice that you do it and are impressed by it. And that can be motivating it itself." —Jaclyn Emerick, Shape fitness director

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Heidi Kristoffer

"I use a blue light that replicates natural sunlight as my alarm. It totally rocks—such a gentle way to wake up. (I always set a "just in case" alarm on my phone for 5 minutes after the light box goes off, so that I'm never worried.) Then I go turn on my coffee pot and warm up my overnight oats and pour myself a giant tumbler of water with a lemon wedge. While I'm waiting for my coffee, I head into the bathroom, splash my face with super-cold water, and apply a few drops of my favorite face oil. Then I head back into bed to enjoy my breakfast in front of my light box. When I'm done eating, I meditate and journal for 10 to 20 minutes and do about five to 20 minutes of yoga." —Heidi Kristoffer, creator of CrossFlowX

(Psst: Check out her full nighttime routine to make mornings a breeze.)

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Holly Rilinger

"I set two to three alarms because I'm deathly afraid of oversleeping. I always snooze on the first one and I make sure the alarm is a sound that gently wakes me up. Right now my alarm is Coldplay's 'A Head Full of Dreams.' I make a point of actually jumping out of bed. It's that energy that matters most. I then go straight to my kitchen and get my coffee started. I LIVE for coffee in the morning. My jam has been almond lattes but recently I've moved to a French press coffee with this amazing new almond milk creamer, nutpods. Life changing! Then I sit on my sofa, cross my legs, and meditate for 10 minutes. This is the foundation of a good day for me." —Holly Rilinger, creator of LIFTED

(Check out her full routine here: Why Holly Rilinger *Literally* Jumps Out Of Bed In the Morning)

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Sia Cooper

"I have the same exact routine every morning because I have found harmony in repetition. I normally rise around 5 to get some quiet "me" time in before my kids wake up. I don't use an alarm clock because I don't need to—my body has become accustomed to this routine and I love waking up without a sense of rush or panic. The first thing I do is I sip my coffee—which is my lifeline and fuel to get my day going—while I answer emails and do a little work for my personal training business and blog. Then I make protein pancakes with bacon and eggs and fresh fruit. On a busy day when I'm in a rush, I scarf down a Kodiac Cakes microwave protein muffin while I drive my son to daycare." —Sia Cooper, creator of the Strong Body Guide

Photo: Instagram @diaryofafitmommyofficial