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The Best Way to Stretch On an Airplane


For those of us who swear by our daily workouts, being crunched into an airplane seat can be torturous—after all, sitting still for hours tends to leave us stiff, tired, and tight. And if you can get up to move around? Airplane aisles aren't exactly spacious (and you might as well forget about it if the food cart is there).

How to Stick to Your Resolutions When Failure Seems Imminent

Somewhere in the last few years, right now became the *official* time when everyone drops their New Year's resolutions like a hot potato. (Potato? Did someone say potato?) Do some digging, though, and you'll see that there's not a ton of concrete data—just lot of hype about everyone failing, which makes you feel a little less guilty about failing yourself. (It's total peer pressure: "Well if everyone is doing it...")