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Katy Perry Opens Up About Going to Therapy

Being a celebrity seems pretty stressful. Sure, celebs make a lot of money and get tons of free stuff, but they're also constantly under the world's microscope when it comes to their appearance, what they say, and how their actions are perceived. In an interview on Elvis Duran's radio show yesterday, Katy Perry discussed how she juggles all those pressures that come along with being famous. One of her key coping mechanisms? Therapy.

5 Things All Competitive People Should Do In Life

You've gotten dirty looks in spin class when the woman next to you catches you eyeballing her score. You've become obsessed with being the best at everything you try, and you may have lost a friend or two in the process. Such is the plight of the competitive woman. We're not suggesting becoming blasé, but you might want to consider mastering the following five skills to make life a little easier.