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Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley, loveable tough-girl from the new Star Wars, proves she works her butt off to stay in fighting shape for defending the galaxy (casual). In this Instagram video, she gets some serious height on squat jumps, box step-ups, ladder drills, and more.

Photo: Instagram

Tie It with a Bow

The perfect topknot accessory? A hidden bow. Buzz it into the bottom of your hair to be prepared to step into a princess role anytime. (And, come on, it's perfect for barre workouts.)

Photo: Pinterest

Keep It Classic with Chevron

A simple chevron pattern is preppy, while a buzzcut is pretty edgy—making this undercut the ultimate contradiction. (Kinda like these desserts with hidden veggies.)

Photo: Instagram

Color It Up a Notch

Always wanted rainbow hair but scared to commit? With a rainbow undercut like this, you can show off your colors when you want to, and hide them under your mane when you don't.

Photo: Instagram