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I Walked 1,600 Miles After I Was Given Three Months to Live


Photo: Edie Littlefield Sundby

Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I was arrogantly healthy. I did yoga religiously, I went to the gym, I walked, I ate only organic food. But cancer doesn't care how often you lift weights or hold the whipped cream.

How Street Harassment Makes Me Feel About My Body


Photo: Shutterstock

Sixteen: The age I began receiving unwanted attention from men.

One day, I ventured into center city Philadelphia from my suburban hometown with a high school friend. We were walking around a mall and a man stopped and stared at us. For whatever reason, he chose to make me his target.

"Hello, beautiful," he said.

What Is MCT Oil and Is It the Next Superfood?

MCT oil

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There's a meme that goes a little something like, "Frizzy hair? Coconut oil. Bad skin? Coconut oil. Bad credit? Coconut oil. BF acting up? Coconut oil." Yes, it would seem that the world went a little coconut oil crazy, convinced that pouring coconut oil over, well, everything, would cure your every woe.