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A Bikini a Day: Natasha and Devin

The @abikiniaday feed will have you dying to book a beach vaca and buy 10,000 cute bikinis for it, but it will also make you want to hit the gym in preparation. ABAD started as two BFFs traveling the beaches of the world with nothing but suitcases of bikinis—and turned into crazy Instagram fame (we're talking 598,000 followers). They dish about health, fitness, and beauty on their blog, as well as, of course, bikinis.

Photo: Instagram

Food & Lycra: Kim, Laura, and Rachel

This UK trio breaks the mold of Instagram fitness duos with their account @FoodAndLycra. They're all about the fun side of food and fitness, and insist their motto is: "We run to eat." Their Instagram feed is filled with insanely delicious-looking food, fitness adventures, and special events. We would love to be part of their race-crushing, ice-cream-sandwich-eating squad.

Photo: Instagram

Acroyoga Addicts: Reina and Breanna

Friends Reina and Breanna of @AcroyogaAddicts hit a floating camel pose in the park and make it look oh so easy. The pair flies in sun, sand, snow, and everywhere in between. The only thing more mesmerizing than their photos are the videos of how they get into these crazy positions. (These celebs may not be quite as daring, but they're got some yoga skills of their own.)

Photo: Instagram

Power Girls Fitness: MJ and Gen

The @PowerGirls_Fitness pair from Montreal, Canada, tries everything from acro yoga to weight lifting to pole dancing—and look amazingly fit doing it all. Follow them to see everything from beach yoga pics and powerful squat videos to TRX handstands and plyo push-ups over a swinging battle rope.

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Base Body Babes: Diana and Felicia

This Aussie sister duo from down under is all about building a bomb body through strength and circuit training and healthy eating. They work hard for those seriously sculpted bodies, and they also have the cutest gym gear to show them off. With 597,000 followers, the pair is headed for big-time success; they're already killing it in Sydney in the Base Gym with the help of their coach. We think there must be some fitness magic in the water down there; after all, fitness sensation Kayla Itsines is an Aussie too. (Try her 7-minute workout to see why she's been so successful.)

Photo: Instagram