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"Frushi" Finish

#Frushi (fruit sushi) is a thing, you guys. So why not make it a "frushi" doughnut? Top with berries and melon, like in this pic, or whatever else your heart (and taste buds) desires.

Photo: @saltnpepperhere Instagram

Cultural Fusion

As this Instagram user points out, sushi doughnuts are the ultimate East-meets-West food fusion. Plus, proof that delicious (and super aesthetic) food is universal. (Even in other galaxies... light saber chopsticks #FTW.)

Photo: @mynameisiska Instagram

Strawberry Sushi

Ever tried fruit in your sushi? Slice some fresh strawberries on top of a sushi doughnnut like this one for the perfect sweet addition. (Then try these summer strawberry recipes.)

Photo: @perhotsky Instagram

Picture-Perfect Poke

Want to know where you can get one of these Instagram-able delicacies? Poke sushi doughnuts are coming soon to California doughnuts shop U Jelly.

Photo: @feastie.boys Instagram

Flavor Bomb

In the mood for something sweet? Sushi doughnuts don't have to be savory. Take a cue from this Instagrammer, who created both sweet and savory sushi doughnuts. On the left: kiwi, raw chocolate and coconut acai. On the right: smoked slamon, chia seed, and avocado. Dinner (and dessert!) is served.

Photo: @petitmiam Instagram