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Should You Join Your Local CSA Farm Share?


When I mention the acronym CSA to folks, I'm often met with a perplexed look and a question: "What's a CSA?"

CSA stands for community supported agriculture—a commitment in which members pay a lump sum upfront to secure a weekly box of produce, also known as a "share," throughout the farming season. Subscribing to a CSA can be a positive experience for those looking to eat more sustainably, nourish their bodies with produce, and support their local communities.

The Kettlebell Core Workout That Sculpts Insanely Strong Abs

Sit-ups might be a classic, but it turns out they're a pretty crappy abs exercise; they're pretty easy to cheat and often aren't hard enough to challenge your abs. So WTH are you still doing them? Instead, kick up the intensity of your ab workout with weights. Kettlebells, in particular, are a one-stop shop for body transformation—and make the perfect addition to a too-easy or totally-'blah' ab routine. 

How to Boost Your Metabolism Using Just a Pair of Dumbbells

There's a no-fail way to light a fire under your reps: Make a game out of getting them done in record time. "It's hugely effective for hitting the intensity where you maximize fat burning and muscle firming," says trainer Go Green, a program director at Brick gym in New York City.