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The #1 Trick to Killing Summer Shoe Odor

Summer fashion woes are plentiful. Trying to get dressed for hot, sticky weather without leaving the house nearly naked is one thing. Preventing your favorite summer espadrilles, sandals and slides from stinking up your closet is a whole other beast. That's why we searched high and low and found the perfect solution for less-than-fresh sandals.

What you need: Two gallon-sized Ziploc bags.

What you do: Toss each smelly shoe into its own bag, seal them up and place them in the freezer. Leave overnight.

11 Stages of Giving Up Sugar That Sugar Addicts Know All Too Well

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I've been a sugar addict all my life. People often think this is a joke but I can assure you that I'm totally serious. I've never met a gummy candy I didn't like and I call all major holidays by their candy name. (Candy Cane Eve and Jelly Bean Sunday are my two favorites.) And I'm not the only one.

Stop What You're Doing and Check Out @mysweatllife's Fierce Fitness Threads

Lunge Into Action

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We're not sure how @mysweatlife pulled off this shot—maybe it's those Nike kicks?—but girl's got some serious hops.

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Reach for #MomBodGoals

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Kelsey Wells is living proof you can be a mom and get your best bod yet. It probably doesn't hurt having that sweet kiddo in your cheering section, either.

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Play with Pretty Patterns

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Kelsey slays in power prints. We're not saying they'll make you work harder, but we're not not saying it...

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Strike a Power Pose

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Our go-to gear essential? Solid black workout bottoms. This babe rocks that staple with a brightly colored sports bra that pops in any pose.

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Prove Strong Is Sexy

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Check out those guns! We see you @mysweatlife, your pipes, and the matching magic you've got going on.

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