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Here Is Exactly What Happened When I Had A Miscarriage

It was scary and sad, and there are probably a lot of very emotional things I could say about it—and someday I may well write about those feelings, as well as about how I hate phrases like "rainbow babies," and how "At least you know you can get pregnant" and "This happens to a lot of people" are both accurate things to say but probably shouldn't be your initial reaction when someone tells you they lost a pregnancy. But the main thing I felt about the experience was unprepared.

Hope Solo Was Just Fired from the U.S. Women's Soccer Team

After the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Rio Olympics, Hope Solo left the field under the impression that it was only the end of another tournament—while the devastating loss actually turned out to be the end of her career.

Fed Up New Mom Reveals the Truth About C-Sections

It seems like every day a new headline pops up about a mom who has been shamed for some completely natural aspect of giving birth (like you know, having stretch marks). But thanks to social media, certain previously taboo topics, like post-partum depression or breastfeeding in public, are finally becoming destigmatized. Still, even in our culture of over-sharing, it isn't often that we hear the raw, unfiltered accounts from new moms dealing with the physical (and often emotional) stress of a C-section birth—and the judgment that can sadly come with it.