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Wine (Like Yogurt!) Contributes to a Healthy Gut

In recent years, we've seen a lot of headlines claiming that alcohol, and especially wine, can have some major health benefits when consumed in moderation—pretty much the most awesome health news we've heard in, well, ever. Tons of research has lauded heart-healthy benefits associated with drinking a few glasses of wine each week (especially red) and your favorite grape beverage has been linked to lower risk of stroke and coronary heart disease.

Everything You Need to Know About Coconut Flour

First, it was coconut water, then coconut oil, coconut flakes—you name it, there's a coconut version of it. But there might be one crucial kind of coconut missing from your kitchen: coconut flour. A by-product of coconut milk is coconut pulp, which can be dried and ground into a fine powder AKA coconut flour.

10 Workout Gloves to Help You Get a Grip at the Gym

Under Armour Resistor Training Gloves

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These mesh workout gloves from Under Armour were made to keep your mitts cool and dry. Not to mention, the leather and palm-padding provide just what you need to hit a new PR. ($29.99;

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Photo: Under Armour

Dreamcatcher Gloves

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Never compromise fashion for fitness again with these tribal-inspired gloves from Sparkle & Sweat Shop. Make a statement at the gym? Check. ($22.95;

Photo: Sparkle & Sweat Shop

Material Girl Workout Gloves

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This pair from G-Loves features a vintage lace print that we think is perfect for any femme fatale hitting the gym. Anyone else getting some serious Madonna vibes? ($45;

Photo: G-Loves

Mava Cross-Training Gloves with Wrist Supports

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If you're living a CrossFit-obsessed life, this pair goes out to you. Not only do these gloves look great, they feature integrated wrist wraps to support and protect your joints. So go ahead, push through that last set. ($29.95;

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Photo: Amazon

Harbinger Women's Training Grip Gloves

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Get a grip on that pull-up bar with a cool blue pair of training gloves from Harbinger. These little babies are equipped with TechGel palm pads, meaning they conform to the stress points in your hands to deliver the best type of protection. ($24.99;

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Photo: Academy

Nike Fit Training Gloves

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Check out the fierce pattern on these lightweight training gloves from Nike. The kickass pair has a stretch-fit design that conforms perfectly to your hands for easy movement. Slip on this pair and get lifting with confidence. ($19.99;

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Photo: Champs Sports

RDX Crossfit Training Gloves

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We're losing it over this pair of RDX leather lifting gloves. Get up close and personal and you'll discover a fun paisley pattern featured on the washable Amara leather. Major bonus: The pad system helps prevent blisters and calluses while simultaneously strengthening your grip. ($17.99 to $32.94;

Photo: Amazon

GoFit Pearl Tac Weightlifting Gloves

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Starting to integrate weights into your workout routine? We think this baby pink pair from GoFit is a great entry point. They'll help make sure those pretty hands stay, well, pretty. ($12.15 to $45.76;

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Photo: Amazon

Wonder Woman Workout Gloves

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Slip on this Wonder Woman-inspired pair of training gloves and let your inner superhero loose. We're getting amped for our next workout! ($45;

Photo: G-Loves

Adidas Climalite Fitness Gloves

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Adidas rolled out these training gloves with their Climalite fabric, which helps absorb excess sweat from your hands. That means you'll be able to curl, deadlift, and squat with a solid grip. Good call, Adidas. ($25;

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Photo: Adidas

How Often Do I *Really* Need to Wash My Bra?

We know: Doing laundry is hard, and washing delicates is even harder. And unlike, say, wearing a stained shirt, rocking your favorite comfy bra for a few more wears than you should seems pretty harmless....right? Well, we went to the experts to find out just how long we can put off the chore—without being, you know, super gross.